Christmas Tablescapes Part 3

dining_delightJanuary 5, 2009

This tablescape is more of a wintery one than a Christmas one but since I had the acrylic trees on the table, I called it Christmas. Thought about it for the "Flake Off" but I didn't actually use a snowflake theme just more of a frosty one.

I bought the two acrylic Christmas trees (which light up) at a local grocery store last year and have received so many compliments on them. They were $20 each but I HAD to have them and since there were only 2 left, I'm glad I snapped them up!

I created a simple centerpiece with a glass footed bowl and silver balls surrounded by a feather boa and silver picks. The balls and picks were new (from bargain store) but I had the rest.

I actually have a Snowman Family (little boy one on a different table)that I bought last year at Dollar Store. They didn't light up but I inserted the battery LED lights into each one and can now have them "glowing" when desired.

Hope you aren't too "chilled" by this tablescape! Best grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate before proceeding!


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I love this too--is the tablecloth silver? I can't really tell on my monitor. I may have to copy this.

Would you believe I just "found" a whole set of dishes I bought at an auction several years ago?? I had totally forgotten about them!! Its set of clear glass snack/dessert plates, small bowls and cups for 12!! I might be able to use them in a silver/winter setting. Thanks for the pictures!!

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Your tables are all wonderful. How are the snowflakes hanging, from the chandelier, or from the ceiling.

I wonder if Dollar Tree has any left. A winter table may be what I need. I'm kind of depressed. Taking down my Christmas things is making me sad this year. - Gail

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Beautiful . . . and very inspiring!!!

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Absolutely stunning !!! And yes, how are the snowflakes hanging.. inquiring minds need to !


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I love this one - what a beautiful winter scene both inside and outside. I have smaller acrylic trees like yours and I love them. Love the balls and snowflakes hanging over the centerpiece .....


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How do you turn these amazing tables out so quickly, so beautifully? You are totally amazing to me.
And each centerpiece you've done...well WOW on them all.

hugs, Karen

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You are just a table decorating diva! This one is beautiful too, I don't think I can pick a favorite one of your tables--I've loved them all. So this one is a silver tablecloth, white placemat, silver charger, white square plate, clear plate and a little favor on top--did I get it all? Just beautiful! And the centerpiece turned out great too. I don't ever see great things like your snowmen at my dollar stores!;o( Those are wonderful, especially with the lights in them. TFS. Luvs

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Wow! This tablescape is SO LOVELY! I have never seen anything like those trees. They are beautiful. Thanks for posting. I'm really enjoying all the "after Christmas" photos.

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Our Walgreens had the acrylic lite up trees this year, I should have grabbed two! DRAT! They even had them "after" on clearance!

What a gorgeous table, and it easily could be for the "flake off" afterall, snowmen are made of what? Snwoflakes! LOL LOL

Just beautiful! I went very simple when I took down my blue table, it's in the interim mode right now.

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Wow, that table is gorgeous. Love the dishes with the squares and round, white and clear. The snowflakes hanging are wonderful. The snowmen and bowl, trees, etc. Love it all. I would have never thought to wrap a boa around a pedestal bowl or put a tea light in the snowman. Just beautiful.

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Another beautiful table!! Love the monochromatic look. And the centerpiece is very nice. I like how you have layered different shapes with your table settings and the boa is a great idea! I was going to do a similar thing with snowflakes hanging from the chandy above the table - I even got the snowflakes but then realised the chandy is not centered above the table!! Oh, well. :)


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DD, this is my favorite of all your tables! I think it's cause it looks so sparkly. You've really gone above and beyond on this one~gorgeous! ;o)

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I too think this is my favorite. I just love it! Awesome!!!

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Just beautiful!! I love the crystal tables. Very elegant.

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Cass, thank you! Yes, the tablecloth is silver (got it at local Bargain store for $8). WOW! You must have felt like you got a Christmas present when you found those dishes! They sound wonderful and so many! Please post a pic if you do a winter tablescape with them.

Gail, thank you! The snowflakes/balls are hanging from the chandelier (which is out-dated and I try to hide out of the pic). I quite often hang things from it - even in the reindeer setting (#4) I had gold & copper balls from it but didn't like the pic with it so didn't post it with the others. You SHOULD do a winter theme around your house now that your Christmas decor is down - I like to leave up the white mini-lights on my mantel with snow items.

Lynninnewmexico, thanks, I appreciate your comments!

Susan, thank you too! See note to Gail re: hanging snowflakes.

Lynne, thanks. I definitely can take inspiration for winter tablescapes from the weather lately, have had heavy snowfall warnings for past few days! Aren't the acrylic/crystal-y trees fun to work with?!

Karen, thank you. I actually did these (4) tablescapes over a 2 month period so that wasn't too fast...its just that I posted them all at once. Actually, I spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME tweaking and adjusting the tablescapes I do!

Luvs, thanks a lot! Judith would be proud of you and your correct count of the layering I did! You have a good eye for detail! In one pic, I did have the square white soup bowls on top too - that was when I used the table for a Christmas luncheon for my parents, Grandma, DS, DH and I and had some homemade turkey with wild rice soup in them. I lucked out finding those snowmen at our dollar store - I only ever saw 1 set of them and I scooped 'em up - even at $8 each, they were a bargain to me!

pdg777, thank you too! I had never seen any trees like those either before or since. Would love to get some more if I ever do.

yachter, thank you! I wish we had a Walgreens here so I could check if there was some of those trees but if they did, I'm sure they would have gone fast. I wonder if I have a pic of a table I did last year which has a similar look to it but I think I used a few more snowflakes - then I could call it my "flake-off" table...or MAYBE I should do a new one since that is more of a winter theme.

dd50, thank you. I got that boa back in the summer with an idea to use it as snow somehow...that is as close as it got to "being snow". Hopefully, I can come up with more ideas for it. I also bought a red one and a black one recently when they had them on sale after Halloween.

Mo, thanks. I find I have to take down the ornaments hanging from the chandy whenever I put leaves in the table as then they aren't centered either and it bothers me.

patty-cakes, thank you. I like the "sparkle" of frostiness too. I am happy that you thought this was your favourite before looking at the reindeer one!


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Peg, thank you for expressing your appreciation!

Bright, I also appreciate your comments!


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