Isl Hood Dead Center into Support Beam - Install Options?

AnnaAMarch 12, 2012

We're installing an Arietta DKI001MX 36 over our island. Little did we know - or even think to check - that the apparatus bumps right into the roof support beam.

We have 2 options - reshuffle the arrangement of the island cabinets, or try to wrap the exhaust hose around the beam.

Splitting it and wrapping it around the beam (our GC explained it using more precise language) appeals to me as option 1 really messes with our space configuration. But at least we have option 1 to fall back on.

But if we go with option 2, has anyone done this? Our 9' short ceilings do not leave much room between ceiling and rafter. Are there other ideas around this? Might we need to wrap the beam in some sort of water / vapor proof material to prevent warping, mold, etc?

A draw down (forget the correct term) is not an option.


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One hopes that your GC meant that the duct would be split into two ducts, thereby isolating the duct contents from the wood beam.


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You go the route of a custom hood from Modernaire or someone who can position the duct differently.. splitting the duct may not always be an option depending on whether you are doing internal, inline or external blower. But it may look awkward with a 9 foot ceiling anyway. Have you considered moving the cooking zone to a wall and doing the prep on the island. Perhaps posting your plan in the kitchens forum for some feedback. Most people spend 3 times as much time prepping as cooking and a lot of people seem to really like having their major prepzone in the island, perhaps with a prep sink etc..

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Kaseki - yes, DH states that's exactly the route GC is going. And lalitha, this is great info to double check on with the GC.

I'm one of those few who prep beside a stove and hate the boxed in feeling when I cook. I want to see across the expanse and am so happy i will never face a wall again to cook. My old set up was perfect, and will remain the same, just with the wall taken down.

Great info - thank you!

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Another option would be to come off at a 45 degree angle close to the ceiling and then go through next to the beam as opposed to splitting the duct. You would end up with 2-45 degree bends which would equal a 90 which someone mentioned is like adding 5LF of duct work.

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I'm printing off all these suggestions and will share with GC tomorrow. Thank you!

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Splitting the duct is not an uncommon thing. HVAC contractors have to do this occasionally to keep from modifications to structural framing. As long as the two ducts equal or bigger than the original duct then airflow want be restricted. Some wrap the beam, but separate ducts would possibly be better. This is a range hood and not used 24hrs everyday. It is done for heat/ac and that runs all the time. If the duct transition is smooth and it stays within the shaft go for it. Unless I am missing something this should be fine to meet your needs

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Very encouraging lannie59. Will add your note to the bunch I give him today.

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Sophie Wheeler

Arietta only uses a 6" duct to begin with. It's one of those undersized Chinese bargain hoods that's for show not go. Splitting the duct will impact the airflow even worse. I'd look for a higher quality hood with more CFM that used at least an 8" duct. Then splitting the duct might not have such a drastic impact on air flow.

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Thanks hollysprings. I did make an error in describing the height of our ceilings...they are only 8ft...short!

I'll post again to let you know how it all works out.

Thanks everyone.

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