Metal wall-mounted shower baskets - Do they hold up?

flicka001February 22, 2012

I'm debating between putting a niche in the shower and using one of these metal wall baskets. I'm thinking the basket might be easier to keep clean but not sure how they will hold up. If you have one, I'd like to hear your opinion. Thank you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shower Baskets

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I bought an inexpensive one at Home Goods once and it rusted onto the tile. Threw it out but there is s till a small spot after years of cleaning. Heard the Ginger Splashables brand is very good, but the price is rather high.

For the amount of shelf space one gains, I have decided to have a niche built in. It will also be better in my smaller space.

I do think the baskets are pretty.

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We opted for several niches because I prefer a built-in look (and I'm not sure that baskets could handle my Costco-size bottles with the pump tops!) We designed them with a slight outward pitch so that water wouldn't pool on them, used a solid (granite) base for minimal grout lines AND kept them out of the direct line of water. We're nearing the end of our reno so I hope to know soon how well I like them... but they LOOK good!

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After researching this same thing, I opted for the niche. If you do go with baskets, make sure they are polished stainless steel rather than generic "chrome" plating, which will rust like Biochem's did. The good ones are very expensive and made to last.

I do love the retro/nice hotel look of the baskets!

I found a great soap drainer thingy at the Container Store that sits on the (slightly sloped) niche shelf to keep the soap from slipping out or getting mucky.

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I put in niches but am frustrated because I like to store my shampoo on its lid so it's easier to dispense and it won't balance on the niche (which is ever so slightly slanted). If I was doing it over, I'd try to figure out a way to accommodate that need...which might have meant one wire basket. Maybe one plus a niche.

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I have the Ginger Splashables. They have held up without any problems for 4 years now. The chrome is shiny as ever. I've used Scrubbing Bubbles and Tiles on them.

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Thanks everyone!

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I believe the difference between the cheap chrome fittings and the expensive ones is that the expensive ones are made of brass with chrome plating. The cheap chrome ones are made of steel with chrome plating. Steel rust (red iron). I don't know what brass oxidizes to, but it isn't red rust. I have an old old faucet that had been chromed over brass. Now a lot of the chrome is missing and the brass is exposed, but no rusty red stains. I would think stainless steel would work. I don't know how stable stainless steel is in the shower environment. Sometimes I've seen stainless steel get small spots of rust, maybe it is the cheaper grades. This is my novice opinion only.

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