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flynnnjFebruary 28, 2013

There's a 36" opening from the master bedroom into the double sink vanity (84") which is directly across from the mirrored walk-in closet. This is open to the bedroom and has the same carpet which must have been an 'in' thing when my condo was built in 1988.

Then there's a door leading into the 'wet' room where there's a tiny linen closet, 32x48 shower, old scratched - needs to be removed - jacuzzi, and toilet.

I found out that I can remove the door and header which divides the 2 areas. That would visually open the space but I'm not sure how much would really change in the layout.

I'd like to have a door separating the bedroom. I want to keep the space open on the bedroom side. I've thought about a 32" barn door sliding to the right as you face the space. I'd need to figure out a way make the opening a little smaller. The door leading into the bedroom is a 48" split door so maybe it would be good to follow that theme and have a split door (2-16" doors) that would swing into the dressing room area. A pocket door would require a lot more construction so I've nixed that idea.

I still want a tub but only a soaking tub. The toilet will stay where it is. I like the fact that it's hidden behind a wall without feeling closed in. If I put a tub where the shower is located, I could lower the wall near the toilet but I'm not sure exactly where I'd put everything else.

I still need a space for towels, toilet paper, etc. It's the only linen closet for upstairs. I could separate the 2 sinks and have a smaller vanity in the dressing area.

The only space that's done is the closet with shelves and built-ins and I love it.

My brain just keeps going round and round but nothing seems to fit the space just right. I need it to be functional, good for resale down the road, and affordable.

There's so much talent on this site. What do you see working best in this space? Any designer I've had in has kept everything the same, tried to sell lots of cabinets for the 84" space, and charge way more than I can afford.

I surrender - my brain needs a rest and I need your help.

PS - I'm hoping my floor plan is helpful - it took me weeks to finally measure, get it right, and figure out how to do it on the computer.

Any questions - please ask away!

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Ok, I'll take a stab. To minimize cabinets, what about a 48-54 inch vanity with a 30-36 inch lowed makup counter with seat in that 84 inch opening. Put a standard 30x60 tub with sufficient depth in the space between the toilet and wall with door. Put in a 48x48 corner shower accross from the toilet. Put a linen closet all along the 51 inch wall.

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Thank you so much for giving it a try -

What size corner shower were you thinking of? I don't know if there's really enough space there. It seems a lot bigger on the floor plan than it does when I'm actually in the room. Maybe that's because there's no window or natural light?

Also, are you suggesting that I just have one sink rather than two? There area is pretty tight. It's more like a hallway and I think it would be cramped if I was sitting on a chair or stool - we jokingly call it our very POLITE space since we're always saying 'excuse me' or 'sorry' as we bump into each other. lol

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Yup, one sink. Here are two thoughts, you would need to check them out with an expert, though I'm fairly sure the clearances are ok. You should have enough room in the vanity area, I know for kitchens 48 inch aisles are recommended for a 2 cook kitchen, so should be fine in a bathroom where the movement is less spread out.

I always go with more ideas is better, and sometimes it's easier for people to comment on something already posted.

This one has a prep area with the shower for disrobing and drying off, the wavy line is a curtain, though it's not necessarily needed.

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Do you think it may be a detriment down the road to eliminate the 2nd sink? I've been going back and forth with that.

This is a 2-story townhouse with a powder room downstairs, a small hall bath for the 2nd bedroom (sink, toilet, tub) and the master bath with his/her sinks.

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Keep the plumbing in place and when you go to sell, make it a point that 2 sinks can be put there. This is assuming you plan to sell more than 5 yrs from now. If sooner, than put in 2 sinks to start.

I like the first option presented above as opposed to the HUGE shower of the second option. The second option also has less storage (linen) space.

You could do some combination of the 2, with a mid-sized shower that is open on the far end with a dressing area. One member here has this sort of setup, but I can't remember who.

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Things can change but I think I may be here for another 5 years - then move on - so maybe 2 sinks make more sense now.

I like the first plan also.

I met with the builder today - he really likes the idea of removing the wall, door and header near the toilet. He feels it will really open up the space so .. we took the door off its pins and I'll try it that way for a few days.

Then I need to decide whether to do a built-in soaking tub exactly where williamsem placed it or possible a free standing tub where the shower is located.

I love the look of free standing. Some bath showrooms say it will open up the space; a few others said to go with the minimal built-in top optimize space.

A built-in is certainly more cost effective but which do you think is better for resale?

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I have no idea about resale, I'll stay out of that part.

If you do freestanding, make sure you can clean it easily. I know I'd have to look carefully, I'm a tad short and clumsy so I could totally see myself attempting to clean the bottom and tumbling in head first, I Love Lucy style.

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