Turn signals won't work

lnuhnJune 11, 2009

I have a '91 Oldsmobile Bravada. The turn signals won't work. The inside arrows won't come on either. When I use the emergency flashers - the lights outside & arrows inside work. I have checked all fuses & bulbs, they are okay. Could my problem be in the column? or elsewhere?

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I apologize - my oldsmobile is a '97 not '91. i was told to chage the flasher, & that it was above the fuse panel.I looked for a flasher above the fuse panel. I found two circuit breakers, but neither one says anything about being for turn signals. When i shift the turn signal control either up or down - I here a click, but nothing comes on. Then it clicks again when I shift it back off.

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You may have some burned out signal lamp filaments. Check that first.

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The turn signal switch is a common failure point. Try turning the four way flashers on and off, while the turn signals is set to one side, and then set to the other side. You may need to rapidly switch the turn signals while putting some forward or rearward pressure on the lever. What you will find is you will randomly succeed to get the turn signals to work. "If" you succeed, then you have confirmed the turn signal switch is failing and needs replaced. If you don't succeed, you'll need a wiring diagram, and will have to pull the covers off of the steering column and start testing to prove power into the column for the turn signals, and then prove no power for them back out. That way at least you will confirm the switch is bad before you simply throw one at the car.

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