Ignition key problem

alisandeJune 21, 2005

My friend has a 2001 Pontiac Gran Prix with an ignition key problem. When he turns off the engine, sometimes it's a simple matter to turn the key to the lock position and remove it. But other times it won't turn (and therefore can't be removed) no matter what he does.

The car is always securely in Park (with the engine off). He's tried straightening out the wheels, marking the key to see if one side works better than the other, and spraying graphite into the keyhole. Sometimes he has to start the car up again, move to another location, and try again.

The dealer says it'll be about a six-hour job to take everything apart to look at it. Is this his only viable option, do you think?



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I am not sure what (steering or transmission or both?) controls the keys entry/exit..

Both would be insane - but this is the 21st century..

There may be an adjustment with the transmission, the steering do not know about...
The dealer may know less about this than I do !

Cheaper, maybe to try a new key ??

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