Cutting granite

lindalpFebruary 26, 2014

Has anyone cut a hole in granite themselves for a drop in sink? Did you find it relatively easy, or would you not recommend it?

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It's possible, but I wouldn't do it myself, and I have a lot of experience with power tools. Doing it efficiently requires the right tools, and a non-professional runs the risk of damaging the granite. If you were just doing a hole or two for a faucet or drain that's one thing. But a large hole for a drop-in sink is just trouble waiting to happen.

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It isn't all that difficult, but by the time you buy a grinder and a diamond blade, you could have hired someone for the same or less money.

Let's not forget the risk factor either. If you screw it up, you pay. If a contractor screws it up, he fixes it.

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It depends where you live. In my area there are no independent fabricators. If you acquire granite another way then you will have no choice but to try it yourself.

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