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chef_dupreMarch 25, 2012

As our seemingly never ending kitchen project (or disaster depending on the day) drags on,I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just hope that light isn't a train coming my way.

I finally installed above referenced range and I have to say; I love it.

In my last residential kitchen remodel (2003) (hereafter referred to as House A), I installed a 6 burner Thermador range-top. I was satisfied with its overall performance, but a few things did bother me.

Like many, the seemingly incessant and annoying clicking of the extralow setting was bothersome to a small extent. I read for months here the vast numbers of people that railed against this feature (I wonder how many that complained actually owned one of these units... and how often did they actually use that feature (I used it very rarely over 9 years)... anyway I filed that annoyance away for future consideration.

Cleaning the stainless beneath and around the star burners was, simply put, a p-i-a. I had to use oven cleaner **cough, gag..wretch** to clean it and took to protecting the ceramic ignitors with aluminum foil during the cleaning process. 9 years in and it still works wonderfully. is time to replace my inefficient kitchen(House B) and all appliances therein, including a Thermador 4 burner cooktop with downdraft. This was truly the biggest POS cooking surface I had used, since, uhm, well, forever.

So for over a year I read and compared and shopped and touched just about every range on my short list. Some brands were dismissed for less than stellar recommendations here and there, as well as miserable customer service reputations (rhymes with Hiking)...I went round and round; open v. sealed, oven capacity, AG, Dual Fuel and also had to factor in the DW's opinion on aesthetics.Some of my finalists got a thumbs down on appearance.

After whittling down the list I chose the Pro Grand AG 36" range. I am delighted so far with its performance, styling, features and the improvements over "House A's" range-top.

My fave things in no particular order: porcelain coated tray beneath pedestal burners; this is a major improvement for clean-up. upgraded igniters for extralow setting, it is virtually silent and efficient, usually one click and done. I really like the soft close door feature, if you close the door to about 6 inches away, it finishes the trip very gently. Inside the oven, all the settings one might need (Roast, Convection, Bake,Broil and Self Clean) including a "Keep Warm" setting.It also has a temp probe for roasting. Did I mention a cavernous oven capable of accepting commercial sheet pans? ( I have several of these pans and about a 1000 sheets of pre-cut parchment paper, so I'm ecstatic to finally use this stuff again). I added the 22" high shelf to keep plates hot when using the oven(and it does get toasty up there), but as I have an aversion to putting hot food on cold plates, it is a perfect match for me.

Some have remarked about the wide spread pattern of the burners, however, as I mostly use 12" or 14" skillets and my stock pot is 24 qt, it is a non issue for me for the style of cooking I do here. $.02, adjusted for inflation.

next: how my cabinet maker made the cut-out for the microwave an 1" too narrow and other entertaining screw-ups!

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Now THAT is a review.


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I looked at this too, as we were shopping for a 36" 6-burner, sealed burner, AG range initially. Our other 2 major pieces are Thermador dishwasher & Bosch built-in with Thermador Pro handles, so having their range would have been all matchy-matchy.

I loved its look, but the wife not as much. We ended up with the Hiking-rhymer, which is what my wife wanted before we started the whole process. Although in the end we decided on Viking's DF electronic display model. (It also has a temp probe built-in. I think those are just uber-cool!)

I was very impressed with Thermador ranges though. The star burner makes sense to me. The wife was very iffy on the on-off simmer functionality, but multiple salespeople swore by it and seemed to be genuine.

On Thermador's website, they make the oven window appear to be a lot bigger than it is in reality, but regardless that is a big oven.

My cousin's doing a new kitchen, and I knew they're seriously looking at the 48" Thermador as well.

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Chef dupre: glad to hear you like your thermador so much. There are not a lot of fans of it on here. From a build quality perspective, the latest therms I have looked at came in very close to wolf's workmanship.(Or more likely workrobotship) Certainly beats both capital and bluestar in this respect. Seems as tho the big guys have the advantage over the smaller guys in this department. As far as burners go I think the star burner is better than a round sealed burner. Funny thing is, I actually learned about bluestar when I was researching therms "star burners". Although I did a lot of high end kitchens I had never seen a bs, likely because bs was not readily available in canada until 2008.

I would also like to clarify something about thermadors clicking burners. (Please correct me if I'm wrong) but the thermador will simmer as well as most other competing ranges, it is only if you want an "extra low" simmer where the clicking begins. It is thermadors answer to dual stacked technology or a smaller output simmer burner. So if the clicking bothers you, just live with the same simmer capability as most other ranges offer.

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yep...she will simmer on all and 4 of the 6 burners will go xtralow. unlike my previous rangetop , this feature has been seriously upgraded. it is truly one click and she fires up. the incessant ignitor problem obviously has been corrected.

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