Cleaning ABS Wheel Sensors

buckyJune 11, 2005

The ABS system on my 96 Buick is engaging at parking lot creeping speed. Brakes are coming on without touching brake pedal at all. No problem at 5mph or faster. I'm told that the sensors are likely just dirty and/or rusty which affects their accurate operation. I'd like to remove and clean the sensors. Has anyone on the list done this? Is it a difficult job better left to a brake specialist? Where can I find the procedure on the web? I removed the ABS fuse to shut down the system until its fixed. Of course the ABS dash warning light is now on but also the check engine light. Why would the check engine light be on just because the ABS system has been shut off?


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The sensors could be dirty and rusty - clean with water...Use a brass wire brush on the rust, if any..
But I have never cleaned the sensors on any of the cars in our driveway.....
I do not think that is the problem. Maybe there is a lack of brake pedal free play, but this too I doubt..
Seems as if the ABS system is functioning well, but not at the right time....
Only my opinion

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