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BobbledooJune 3, 2005

I never thought of myself as being mechanically challenged, but...

I have a new garden-variety, lever-action grease gun. The coupling easily attaches to grease zerks, stays on, doesn't leak, I can grease whatever; it works great. Until... I try to detach the damned thing from the zerk. I can't pull it off, can't pry it off, and have even yanked out the zerks trying.

The only way I can disengage the coupling is to disassemble it.

What's the secret? Do I have a faulty coupling? I can't believe it's supposed to work this way.

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Disassemble the business end of the gun and clean/inspect all the little pieces. There should be 3 or 4 grippers and a spring(I think)...
Check for burs or bent metal.
Assure that the zerk to be greased is also clean.
Then maybe the problem is the zerks or a lack of compatibility ???

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In addition to what earthworm says, the end on your grease gun should be in two peices screwed together. loosen that fitting in the middle and it shouldn't grab the zerk so hard. If it still doesn't work for you I'd try buying another end for the grease gun. Should just be a couple bucks.

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Just a thought, is it pretty easy to force the grease out? It may feel somewhat easy but you may be applying more pressure than another more easily working grease gun. It takes a certain amount of pressure to force the grease out, lets just say 20 lbs of pressure and when you stop squeezing the handle and stop forcing grease out at 20 lbs, there may be 19 lbs of pressure behind the zerk which may be enough to lock it into place. Have you removed it with pliers and has grease flowed out of the end of the gun tube where the zerk was screwed on. Just a thought and trying to apply one of those theories of hydraulic pressure.

Duane in Japan

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I have had dozens of these manual guns and all of them do the same thing. When you attempt to pull it straight off it will not budge and it appears to become a permanent fixture,lol. Quite a few years ago I was at a G.M ASE Tech course and I got to talking with another Mechanic and I was releived to hear that I wasn't the only person it's happened to. He showed me the correct way, or at least the one that works, to remove the hose from the Zerk. The trick is to ROLL or ROTATE it off of the fitting, this way the "ears" in the tip of the gun are pushed back. When you pull it straight all it does it lock those little "ears" onto the bottom of the ball on the Zerk. Hope this helps you out.

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Thanks to all. I was wondering if it was a pressure problem. Grease doesn't come out of the gun after it's unhooked, though. But apparently, you build up a huge amount of pressure with those guns so I can see how it could be a factor.

I'll try rolling it off the fitting as Socalinspector suggested. If that doesn't work, I'll "invest" in another coupling to see if that helps.

I can't believe someone doesn't make a quick-release version that operates like an airhose fitting, where you pull back on the ring to unlock it. You'd think there'd be money to be made.

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