Auto-RX and sludge

earthwormJune 18, 2005

This oil sludge seems to have become a problem for many autos, NOT just Toyota.

Nor is the reason why accurately known. Some say the oil change intervals are too long; many owners do not care and trade every three -five years..

Too many short runs

Emission controls(high operating temps for better combustion)

This fairly new product "Auto-RX" claims to alleviate this condition.

I am skeptical of any mechanic in a bottle.

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Auto-RX really does seem to work. I assume you learned of it at the website--if not, go there and visit the forums. Someone did a study of the product and took many pictures of the valvetrain of their engine--yes, it cleaned up the deposits and sludge that was on the valvetrain.

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It might work. There have been engine cleaner type products out for as long as I can remember. It probably just has more detergent or some kind of solvent in it. This one pretty much looses me starting out with "This extreme heat, when combined with engine oil, also creates harmful byproducts such as sludge,...". I used to see engines with sludge. The cause appeared to be the engine not getting up to operating temperature, not extreme heat. There were engines that had crusty spots like on the valley pan where heat probably was the cause though. If people who make a lot of short trips would change there oil @ 3 months or 3k miles and make sure their thermostat works they won't have any problems. I don't think anything a person dumps into the oil will make up for problems related to not changing the oil often enough. jmo

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"Sludge" is probably the wrong term.
The oil pump screens are being clogged with "baked" oil particles..
Why ?
All turbocharged engines must use a special high heat synthetic oil, changed every 3 months....IMO...
Regular engines should have their oil changed every 4 months....And this is against the industry tide of changing the oil one a year.
Quite a problem.

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Auto-RX does not use any solvents to clean (I read the patent on it). What it does use is, if I remember correctly, esters derived from lanolin.

I have used Auto-RX. The greatest benefit was in the power steering system on my 1988 Mustang. In cold weather it used to be stiff when first starting up(morning sickness I think). Now that problem has gone away (and I did try changing the fluid; that didn't help). I added 2oz of Auto-RX to the power steering, drove it for 1000 miles, then changed the power steering fluid (by disconnecting the cooler hose and letting it drain).

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This auto-rx product is nothing but SNAKEOIL, auto-rx is no longer a sponsor on Bitog, seems they got kicked off back in January 2009 since the product was not working for anybody. This product will not remove sludge, you can GOOGLE a thread called 3ARX cycles, didn't do much, bummer. The owner of arx replies that this guy who saw no results should use more product, give me a break. Arx knew back in 2003 that there product would not clean up aluminum engines, meaning aluminum blocks and aluminum cylinder heads. Frank Miller, the owner of auto-rx said back in 2003 that aluminum is softer and more porous than cast iron so it holds contaniments and the only way to remove these third party abrasives is to have the engine proffessionaly cleaned.

Things are so bad for auto-rx that they have done 2 things, they have gotten rid of there money back guarantee and they have changed the name of there product, when your product has a bad reputation or it is not selling, you change the name. There are a few paid posters for auto-rx on the internet, they are Trajan and sprintman, Trajan will claim that auto-rx worked for Gary Allan and dnewton3, here is the problem, Gary Allan was a paid consultant for auto-rx. He was given free product to post about auto-rx and he ran tests that were controlled by the owner of auto-rx. dnewton3 was given free auto-rx for his tests and his compression numbers cannot be verified. A SNAKEOIL SALESMAN is only going to test his product if he can control the tests. Things are so pathetic for auto-rx these days since they are averaging about 2 new customers a month, this is not good since 99% of arx users are onetime users, this would also show that 99% of arx users are not satisfied with the product and they see no benefit in spending $28.00 for a bottle of auto-rx.

When a product does not live up to its claims, then it is SNAKEOIL.
When the owner of a company uses accomplices to push his product, then it is SNAKEOIL.

When a product claims to take care of many ills, and it does not, then it is SNAKEOIL.

Auto-Rx has alot of claims, but no proof, this product is only sold on the internet, if it were sold in stores, then the FTC would eventually shut them down. Auto-Rx has about 1100 customers in the United Sates after being in business for 12 years, that is not much of a customer base. Even Bob Winters, the original BOBISTHEOILGUY, tested auto-rx and found that this product does not work. Auto-Rx is made up of esters, these esters will do nothing to clean up Sludge or Varnish. This product is a joke just like Slick50 and Duralube. Frank Miller runs this company out of his townhouse, the arx warehouse is actually under the bathroom sink.

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