Car Vacuums

judy_jayJune 18, 2008

Anyone know how long a car vacuum lasts? I've had mine for quite a few yrs. & it's been working fine up until last week-end when it just died. It's been re-charging all the time but just wouldn't turn on when I went to use it last week-end.

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They last as long as the batteries do. If you have ni-cd
and you probably do they are good for about 3 years provididng they have been discharged and charged properly.
If you have nickel metal hydride they last about 5 years.
If your batteries are good buy a new vacuum.

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It has a black cord attached to the holder & a cord with a black, square box on the end that plugs into the wall. I keep it plugged it constantly. Guess I just need a new one as this one is at least 5 yrs. old.

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