Double sinks

OaktownFebruary 12, 2014

Although the linked article is pretty tongue-in-cheek (I think), the reactions expressed in the comments were quite interesting. Who knew this was such a controversial topic?The photos are lovely.

In spite of this I still am looking forward to our master bath double sinks and no vanities. For folks with differing wants, you have my best wishes for counter space and storage. And most of all, thanks to everyone on this forum for the civil and educational discussions -- you're the best!

Here is a link that might be useful: Death to the double sink

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oaktown-we are so looking forward to double sinks and double drawers in our master. I am sure there are great ways to lay it out with either one or two. Our kids are sharing but have separate drawers. Right now we are all sharing one tiny bathroom so I am going to feel like a queen when we move in. :P

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Interesting read. I too am looking forward to double sinks in my future home. I share a small bathroom now with my Fiance, and we are often having to coordinate movements when brushing our teeth or getting ready for works/events.

I also look forward to the vanity space below, currently we each have a basket full of our items, but it will be nice to each have a drawer.

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I thought this was going to be about double bowl kitchen sinks, which is another hot topic!

We went with one sink. I grew up in a house with 1 bathroom that had 2 sinks. The bathroom was accessed from the master and from the hallway. Only one sink was ever used. The other got dusty.

DH and I rarely ever feel the need to use the sink at the same time. You can't wait 2 minutes? I prefer to have the extra counter space where I spread out my make up. While the bathroom is big enough for both of us to be in there, there is never such an urgent need. There is another bathroom in the house if that need arises.

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I think this is such a person choice. We had double sinks in our old house and loved them and we are going with them again. Both DH and I get up at the same time and leave for work around the same time in the morning. So the double sinks are very handy.

Autumn, I am totally with you on sharing one tiny bathroom right now at the rental and feeling like a queen once we move back to more than one bath :)

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Storing your bed sheets under your sink?!? The article says, if that was the case you have bigger storage problems then just in your bathroom. I would get rollout drawers under my bed before putting them under my sink.

We really liked our double sinks, in the last home we had three bathrooms including the guest bath with them. But again we had the room to also have linen closets in them for towels. New home we are down sizing only the master will have double sinks. Our two younger boys were shocked they would be sharing again, lol. Oldest will have his own bath with single sink.

If space was at a minimum, I would probably keep the double sinks even though they are not a necessity, because they are nice to have. Store towels under sink and store rest of linens elsewhere. It would be strange to me to store them in the bath. :) And I would never have a bathroom other than a powder room without storage underneath the sinks.

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Since we have never even shared a bedroom in 19 years, it's true that all those double sinks were only for subsequent buyers. But that's a group that presumably may have different needs and wants.

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I agree that this is a personal, and space, choice. When my late DH was still with us there were many times when he and I would be getting ready to go out and using the sink and counter at the same time. Maybe both brushing teeth, maybe him shaving and me putting on make-up, etc. But there is plenty of storage in there: we had 6 drawers each plus a nice sized linen cabinet and an extra deep drawer in a bench.

Now that I'm the only one using the bathroom (the kids have their own bathrooms) I don't use the second sink. But no surprise, I have taken over the additional 6 drawers.

We liked having two sinks but if the counter were shorter I'd rather have one sink and more drawers. (Old picture with his stuff still in it.)

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I totally agree with the article. Double sinks are a large expense for no practical benefit. Using that space for a repetitive sink often means a lack of space for bathroom storage, and while I don't see the point in storing bed sheets in the bathroom, most of us have lots of towels, medicines, large packages of toilet paper, and toiletries that "max out" the storage in an average bathroom. Anyone could use extra storage, whereas most of us don't want to share the bathroom. Double sinks often mean a lack of counter space to set out a curling iron or anything else, and double sinks = double cleaning.

I think people keep putting them in because they "expected" in a nice house. The toilet jammed in a closet is a similar expectation. Neither really makes sense; in fact, they cause more trouble than good.

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Mrs.Pete, I really appreciate your input in most things and I have seen you are really against the double sinks.
Have you had them before and had a bad expereince. Just curious as why you feel so strongly?

I understand they may not make sense to how you live but why so against it when in an example like chicogans posted above there is enough storage and counter.

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I have a small bathroom now- 5x10. We were able to squeeze in double sink during our remodel (by making it only 55" instead of 60"). There was no room for a linen closet anyway, and the extra storage under the vanity was fantastic.

We use them ALL the time. We get ready for work at the same time, and DH can take all the time in the world to shave, and I can take all the time I want to put on makeup and wash up. No more "hurry Up, I'm going to be late!.

In the new house we will have "his and her" vanities- which are even better! The kids bath will not have double sinks(they don't now either) because I have a boy and a girl and they absolutely don't share the bathroom at the same time (No way, they say). They are 12 and 14.

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Mrs. Pete,
I agree with you. Yet we still included them in our build because every house built in the last decade or so in our area (FL) has double sinks in the master, and most have the toilet in a closet/cubby. It is "expected" and so would be something that would likely hurt resale.

In 12 years, my husband and I have never brushed our teeth together. And I have no intention of starting now. :-)

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Just interesting to see folks' different perspectives.

My family is afflicted with counterclutteritoisis and stuffthedrawerswithdetritusititis. If we could have all pedestal sinks in our new house I would be thrilled. I suppose it helps that we don't actually need to store much. I might own a curling iron but wouldn't know where it is, I do own a hair dryer but don't know where it is, and I don't wear makeup. Our bathroom now has two vanities (but only one sink) jammed mostly with things we don't use. Several times a week I have to clear the vanities of spare change, receipts, wrappers, and whatever else my husband has cleaned out of his pockets before he washes up.

Our three boys' bath, on the other hand, has only a pedestal sink and a small cabinet that is just big enough for toilet paper, a basket of bath toys, and on top, soap/shampoo and dental hygiene items -- perfect! Linen closet in the hallway.

In the mornings, it usually feels like we all are trying to get ready and out the door at the same time; sometimes I am brushing my teeth over the dishes in the kitchen sink while my husband is shaving. Yes we could address our issues with behavior and schedule modification or increased tolerance, but in the new house there's room, and not much extra cost, for another sink -- and an extra linen closet too. I am so looking forward to feeling like a queen!

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Akshars, I have had a bad experience with double sinks -- quite recently too: We have double sinks in my girls' bathroom, and when one faucet needed replacing, those double sinks ended up more than doubling my repair cost. First, I could only find one of the faucet I wanted to buy, so I was forced into my "second choice faucet", which was significantly more expensive than the one I really wanted. Then I had to pay the plumber to install two, when one was perfectly good. It definitely left a bad taste in my mouth.

However, I disliked the idea of double sinks before that. I don't like "bloat" -- unnecessary things that raise the price and end up not being used. Whenever this topic comes up, at least half the respondents say, "We never use the sinks together, but _____." And, of course, unnecessary items are even worse if the homeowner is financing the build and paying interest on the items.

And I do like thinking through what's actually going to be used rather than simply following the crowd and saying, "Oh, but this is what must be done". My current house contains all the "must haves", yet it doesn't function well -- I have space where it isn't needed, and I lack space in places where I could use it. I'm convinced that life can be more comfortable in a thoughtfully designed house -- but that means ignoring a good bit of what builders are doing as a matter of course.

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I'd say if you know both sinks will be used at the same time, go for it. If not, skip it. As noted, you'll be paying for double faucets when you want a change or the old ones can't be repaired anymore. I suppose if one has the money and space, there could also be his & hers full bathrooms. Then we'd almost be back to the wealthy in the 1920's having his & hers bedrooms. Won't touch that one. ;-)

As for toilets in closets - that's beyond me. Living in a tiny house on a postage-stamp-sized lot I can easily imagine a bathroom 6X the size of mine, but not the toilet closet. Cleaning is difficult as is use by the elderly. But that's just my opinion.

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Oh, should we start a thread on WCs as well? :-)
I can definitely see the benefits though I personally would not want one because I hate feeling closed in.

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We remodeled our MB several years ago, and even though the space is huge, the layout lended itself to a singe sink. It has worked fine, but we are faily low-maintenance types and our schedules are slightly off-set.

Thinking of another couple in the future getting ready at the same time, we did put my built-in dresser adjacent to the bathroom entry with plenty of storage for toiletries, etc, good lighting, and an outlet for hairdryers, etc. The plan was to put a mirror over it to make it a full-fledged secondary grooming station, but we've never gotten around to adding the mirror. (Oh, it's only been 5 years, there are things on the punch list much older than that...)

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My parents are building a house, and they have double sinksâ¦.well, kind of! They actually have two master bathroomsâ¦toilet, single sink, and shower that is my dad's bathroom, and toilet, bidet, tub, single sink for my mom. Neither bathroom is particularly huge, my dad's is about 6'x7'ish and my mom's is 6'x10'ish. They felt like having two smaller spaces was more useful for them than having one ginormous bathroom.

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MrsPete, Thanks for letting me know the reasoning behind your dislike.

I do see your point of replacing both faucets if one does not work and how it can get expensive but I think I am ok with it as we use the double sinks and don't mind paying extra for the convenience.

I agree if you don't use it you should not have it. In general I do like how you go about planning for your house.

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We are only doing one sink in the master bathroom. My husband and I always get up at different times and if he is desperate to use a sink while I am using it, there is the hallway bath just outside the master bathroom. We both like more counterspace and drawer space.

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Just in case you haven't had enough, here's another piece on pros and cons with commentary.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ideabook on one vs. two sinks

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And some additional views.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bath forum thread

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We did really look hard at it before we jumped. Truly I think if you are laid out well, with plenty of elbow room one sink could work even if say dh was shaving while you are brushing teeth. I really kinda like the 'new' (that means new to me but likely not new to the world) wider sinks. But of course they are way out of budget. Anyhow, we already had our window opening placed and once that was done, there was no turning back.

I could easily do 2 separate bathrooms like the other poster mentioned above but another toilet and tub to clean, ugh. ;)

2 sinks it is and I know we will enjoy it and use our own and no I am never sharing a hand towel ever ever ever again!

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