'99 Ford Ranger makes sound similar to a freight train

Kathy547June 16, 2007

I bought this truck used less than a year ago. It makes this sound that sounds like a train blowing by. It doesn't do it often, I've only noticed it when I'm doing about 30 - 40 but that may just be that I'm going slow enough to hear it. It sounds like it's coming from the rear part of the truck (like about where the bed starts). Does anyone know what this could be & if it's something to worry about? Also, the driver's side window (power windows) is sometimes slow going up & down. What to do about this? Any thoughts, ideas, or opinions are greatly appreciated.

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Rear end carrier bearings are shot have it rebuilt or purchase a nice low mileage rear axle complete and swap it out . The window will need a new regulator motor so stop by your friendly neighborhood pull a part and git u one.

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Dnt1, thanks! Also, to clear up - the sound is more like a blast sound from a train not the swoosh sound of one going by if that makes sense. And, I've noticed it does it when I'm low on gasoline. Could you explain in layman's terms basically what the rear end carrier bearings are?

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Are you sure it isn'the fuel pump ?

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I've heard a noise when I'm low on gas after I stop the car sometimes. If I open the gas cap, a bunch of pressurized air comes out and it stops. I thought it was the fuel pump also.

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