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joe_mnJune 6, 2010

99 grand prix. changed original fuel filter. quick connect fitting pulled apart. small plastic spacer and bits seized onto steel filter nipple so fitting pulled apart. i tore o-ring and GM dealer made a mistake and sold me new o-ring which is for the hex end of filter. seems they have no listing for o-ring i need. i put QC back together and tried to use another o-ring but have small leak. i can buy new QC fuel line, or get hose end repair kit at parts store or go to junkyard and find donor car and extract used o-ring?

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i went to boneyard. inspected several cars. all had QC fittings with 2 o-rings. where did my 2nd o-ring go? its o-ring, spacer, 2nd o-ring, thicker plastic locking collar. came apart easily with small screwdriver assistance. put parts back into my fitting body and filter does not leak. every fitting i removed from filters at junkyard came apart with ease. why did the one on my car pull apart? just life i guess.

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car started and died immediately. did it 3 times. than ran ok. 2 days later it stalled after 1 block when cold. restarted fine. never has stalled before. no codes. others have mentioned maf sensor. or perhaps fuel pump. thats why i changed filter. has not repeated the funny start issue. maybe it is fuel pressure regulator? current reg is 1 yr old.

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fuel pressure is 42psi at idle. remove regulator vacuum line and it jumps to 48. spec is 48-55. i assume that is with regulator hooked up? spec for 3.8 motor is 48-55. the spec for 3.1 motor is 41-47

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i like to clean up threads at end. turns out i had bad maf. car would not stay running. i unplugged maf and it ran fine. got new maf and i am good. filter is still dry.

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