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joe_mnJune 23, 2009

bought a 98 grand prix gtp. our 4th GP in 5yrs. have 2 college kids. they like to change cars and i like to work on them. had coolant leak. pretty sure it is plastic coolant elbows on intake. took off alternator bracket and see that a 98 has 1 plastic elbow, not 2. waterpump pulley/bearing seemed noisy. car had growl at idle. not sure if it was supercharger coupler since they make noise too. stupid fresh air intake is annoying but thats the way the car came. decided to replace pump while i had coolant drained. i sure hope the lower intake manifold gaskets are ok. i will monitor coolant level for awhile and see. there really is no easy way to check the LIM gaskets is there without taking off intake?

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While you are monitoring the coolant level, also monitor the oil level and appearance. If the oil level rises while the coolant level lowers, and if the oil color tends to change toward a brown hue and gets a bit syurpy, it is likely the coolant is leaking into the crankcase. Coolant can get to the crankcase through a leaky intake manifold gasket.

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outside of motor is dry now. am not sure coolant level is stable. only had 3 days to monitor it. son's car and he lives 150mi away. i had it this week to do the work. now he wants to take it back home with him this weekend. wife says to make a decision and replace intake gaskets to be sure. ya, like i really want to do that for fun. oil looks fine. the coolant is green. came that way when we bought it in april.

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