Questions re: 2000 Honda Civic

catherinetJune 25, 2006


About 500 miles ago, we bought our daughter a used 2000 Honda Civic. It has 80,000 miles on it, one previous owner.

When I drove it, I noticed that the rpms at 55mph stay around 2200-2300. She's getting 30 mpg. Isn't that rpm sort of high? ....or is that common in a small car? I know in my Honda Odyssey, my rpms stay around 1600.

And isn't 30 mpg a bit low for this car? probably has something to do with the high rpm??

Thanks for your help!

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Our '98 Honda Civic will get about 34 mph on a trip, on the interstate, cruising at 65 mph. I'm not sure about rpm's, but I think its between 2500 and 3000 rpms at highway speed. Depends on which gear the car is in. Most car engines operate at 2000 to 3000 rpm when cruising, that is typical, normal, and expected.

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Thanks Eric,
With all my previous cars (Toyota pick-up, Volvo stationwagon, and now the Odyssey), cruising always kept the engine around 1200-1600 rpms, so I was suprised to see her's so much higher.

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a friend bought a small car with a 5speed overdrive manual trans. we went on a trip together when he had about 5k miles on the car. we got on the highway and he got up to speed and had it in 4th gear. hmm, i asked him if he used overdrive and you should have seen the look on his face. huh, what over drive? he was not very mechanically inclined but to not realize he had an extra gear was funny. no harm done to the car. just not as good of gas mileage. the shift knob was beige and the gear indicators were not marked with contrasting paint so it was hard to see. most cars will run at about 2k rpm at 60 mph. i think even a weazy little honda 4cyl will too. i could go to a honda website to find out the OD gear ratio but i think 2k is right.

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For comparison -- my '98 Accord 4 cylinder runs in the mid 2000 RPM, more or less, at highway speeds. An older '86 Accord runs 2500-3000rpm at highway speeds. It actually still gets just a little better gas mileage than the newer one.

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