any problems with the 2009 murno nissan transmsiion

rabbit8June 30, 2010

Hi everyone. I would like to know if anybody know if there has been a problem with the 2009 Murano Nissan transmission? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Sorry, can't help you much with that, being a 2009, almost all of them would still be under warranty if they were having any problems with them so we simply don't get to see them.

I don't know for certain if the Murano is, but Nissan has been one of the industry leaders with the use of CVT's. "Constantly Variable Transmissions". They are different from a conventional automatic transaxle (transmission), and for someone driving one for the first time you might think something is wrong with one, when in fact it is working the way its supposed to.

Was there a specific question about one that prompted you to ask this question?

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