OK, Shameless First Thing You Can Already Help Me With (LOL!)

lynninnewmexicoJanuary 21, 2013

As I mentioned in my other post today, DD is away at college. And, she's in charge of her sorority's upcoming date party/mixer that's scheduled right before Valentines Day. (See, this is great because it's not me decorating, but my daughter, safely away in another state-LOL!).

She doesn't want to go with the usual, romantic Valentines theme because not all the girls will be bringing dates . . . and not all the dates being brought are boyfriends. Some are just close guy friends or maybe just casual guy friends. DD doesn't want to scare them off or make anyone uncomfortable.

So, does anybody have any ideas I can pass along for a Valentines themed party that's fresh, fun, but not drippingly romantic? Maybe an out-of-the-box theme that would appeal to college kids with a Valentines spin to it????
Thanks already!

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. . . a "Dallas, The TV Show" theme (Bling Meets Cowboy). DD just got back to me and the party may be the week after Valentine's Day.

With a "Dallas" theme, the girls can go pretty, sexy or tongue-in-cheek slutty. They could probably raid their own closets or that of their friends for their outfits.

The guys would only need to wear a pair of blue jeans along with some sort of appropriate shirt. They could bill it as "Cowboy Hats & Boots, Optional". Heck, they all have jeans and, depending on what their date is wearing, they could wear a sports coat or blue jean jacket, too, if they wanted. No need for complicated or expensive costumes . . . which are hard to come by in February anyway (LOL).

So, any ideas for decorations and food, if they go that route? I'm thinking "Bling Meets Cowboy".

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Lynn, should be a fun party for DD. What comes to mind is Boots, spurs, chaps, bandanas, wanted posters, straw bales and horseshoes. I think any dishes with a bandana around them would be neat. Or star dishes filled with goodies. You could google and come up with alot of ideas. Also Pinterest is a wonderful source. Here's two picturess I've kept for future parties I'll share with you.

Wouldn't these be cute for cp's? Maybe even put inside
a western boot.

Invitations or posters could read Time to Cowgirl/Cowboy Up and Ride on Over for the "Bling Meets Cowboy" date party/mixer. These are all ideas for after Valentines Day. Let us know what date it will be for sure when DD finds out. You might want to be there to help set up.LOL


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Hello, Lynn. For a cowboy type theme I think of the same things that Punk mentioned. I don't know any college age kids who have ever heard of 'Dallas'! lol!

For food, I heartily recommend that you make 'Texas Caviar' and serve it with baked "scoops" (scoop-shaped tortilla chips) if you can get them.... regular tortilla chips otherwise. I tried it at a party just before xmas and it was a HUGE hit. The basic recipe makes 8 cups and it's perfect for all special diets because it's gluten-free, vegetarian, low-fat, etc. I just varied an on-line recipe according to what I had and my own tastes -- the basic recipe is very forgiving.

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It took me a while to find this one: Levi Strauss Table.

And here's a Sadie Hawkins Table.

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Hi all! Thanks for the suggestions. Party Music, you're right, I don't think today's college kids are familiar with the original version of "Dallas", but they do know and watch the new version which does have (had) the same JR, and Bobby and Sue Ellen but focuses more on their children, now young adults. Same glamour, same drama, same fun. The party direction that they're thinking they want to go is more of the campy bling/glam, big oil baron, former prom queen, Western aspect . . . if that makes sense. But, I'll get back to you as soon as she meets with her committee again.

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How about a Diamonds and Denim type theme? That way they could mix in some "bling" and yet have some things more casual. Did you see the burlap tablecloth OA made? Denim cloths would work great and bandana napkins. OA has a really funky cactus I bet she'd send you, right OA? LOL


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