Ford Fusion Rubber Floor Mats

mxyplxJune 3, 2010

My son bought a new 2010 Ford Fusion a while back. Well before any news broke about the floormats/throttle possability his dealer had removed the rubber mats. So evidently it wasn't recent news to them.

Anyway I tried to Google info about shutting the Fusion down while driving and found none. Maybe I just couldn't find the right search terms. Also searched a couple Ford Fusion Forums. I don't have access to his owners manual etc etc All I cold come up with was hype.

Can it be done?

How is it done?

What problems might occur if it is done?

Does the steering lock up if it's movng?


Incidently I can now say I've mechanict on car models ranging from 1920 to 2010 -- I tightend his license plate holder. :-)

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Well I'll post this to just get this thread out of first place.

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