2006 chrysler sebring

angel123June 25, 2008

I have a 2006 Chrysler sebring touring 4 cylinder 2.4 engine with 45,000 miles on it. I just wanted to know if this car make is reliable? Here some pictures!!

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It got you 45,000 miles didn't it. nice car

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I have a 1998 Dodge Stratus with the 2.4 L, 4cy, dual overhead cams. It hss been on cross-country trips, in the Smokys, Rockies, Black Hills, and some desert driving, and it has been reliable. Highway mileage is about 30 miles per gal and when conditions are optimal, it will get 32 mpg. Presently, it has 92,000 miles and sometime this summer, I plan to change the timing belt. (Scheduled maintence calls for a change by 108,000 miles.) The only other maintence it has had is regular oil and filter change, coolant and thermostat change, sparkplugs, and spsrkplugs leads, and one set of tires.

Your engine is based on the same design and you may have the same. However, you could have the higher output version with a turbo-charger. The turbocharged version may have stonger crank, rods, and main bearings. Otherwise, it is essentially the same engine. You'd have to check to see what the parts difference is. The turbocharger may have a little less reliability.

This engine is ok if you don't ask too much of it and drive it in a reasonable manner. Its 4 speed automatic transmissoin is the best shifting one of Chrysler's offering. They finally got one right after the disasterous 1989 model when Chrysler changed from all hydraulic controlled tranny to the electronically controlled one.

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