What are Second Generation airbags?

cardamomJune 20, 2007

I'm looking at a used car. The dealership listing the equipment includes Second Generation airbags. The carfax report doesn't list any accident notations and my idea is that it means the airbags have been replaced, therefore, the current ones are second generation.

Is that right?

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NO! Second generation is a design that is better than the first. Some mfg. are installing third gen. air bags.

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Second-generation airbags deploy less violently than first-gen airbags. This helps children and smaller adults suffer fewer injuries (or deaths) than when a first-gen airbag (designed for full-sized American adults) comes shooting at them. Third-generation airbags use multiple sensors to determine things like the weight or trajectory of the passenger, impact speed, etc, to tailor the airbag's deployment most effectively.

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I thought it meant my wife?My mother inlaw was the first generation airbag?Kidding of course!

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Can second or third generation airbags be retrofitted in a car that has first generation airbags?

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Second and third generation airbag systems would not easily be retrofitted into an older car. Today's electronics often communicate between multiple modules. An air bag system may well communicate with the ABS, the instrument panel, the body computer, and PCM as well as it's own nodes. A node that would exists in a third gen system could be the seat pressure sensor which in effect weighs the passenger of that seat and hepls to determine the required strength of an air bag deployment.

Suffice it to say, I would not even attempt to do anything but keep each car exactly as it was originally designed. If you really want a car with thrid gen restraints, buy one.

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wondering if second generation air bags could mean vehicle has been through an acident

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after the statistics came out about how many children and smaller adults were injured by airbags, vehicle manufacturers developed second generation airbags. they are designed to deploy more slowly and only if the impact requires it to deploy. Instead of having sensors at the front bumper they moved them into the passenger compartment to measure the force that is being transferred to the passengers inside the vehicle. If the force inside the vehicle is not suffcient to injure the passengers, the airbags do not deploy. They will also not deploy on some vehicles if the sensor in the seat does not detect enough weight to know whether the passenger is a child or small adult.

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About what model year did they start using second generation airbags?

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