spray wax versus wax

pawprint1June 5, 2005

Do you think spray wax does the same good job as the traditional manual rub rub rub wax?

It's sure easier to use for me, mist, wipe and wipe off.

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I've read a lot of articles that say that with clear coat finishes, you really don't even need to wax them anymore to protect the paint. Waxing does make a deeper shine, though, and it's nice to see rainwater bead up on the paint like it does after being waxed. Given that waxing is primarily a cosmetic thing, I can't see much reason not to use what's easy. The advantage of the rub-on waxes is probably that you get a thicker coat and the wax lasts longer. I haven't used anything but the spray-on waxes for 10 years or more.

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I can't imagine not waxing my car. But honestly I wouldn't know if it helps or not in the long run. I have been leasing cars since 1992 and don't know what any of them look like today. I just know I waxed them.

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I tried the spray on wax.I can not see that it does anything?Except possibly leaving streaks.

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