Tiling outside corner of wall - quarter round and cove base?

Clark929February 16, 2013

I have an outside corner to deal with when installing a tile wainscot, and I am trying to figure out how to achieve a vintage look on that corner with a line of tile in a different color running down the corner. I'm hoping some of the experienced tile folks that frequent this board can help me. I am using Daltile white subway tile on the wall with black accents. Here are my questions:

1. Can I use black quarter round on the outside corner to make the transition around the corner in the field tile from one wall to the other?

2. If so, what do I do at the base of the corner? Does the quarter round continue all the way down or stop at the top of the cove base (also black)?

3. If the quarter round continues to the floor, do I need a corner piece of the cove base or does the quarter round eliminate the need for it?

I'd really appreciate help on this as I am stumped.

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In the past I've used a radiused subway to turn the corner. It softens the corner due to there being more tile and fewer grout lines. For the base I'll use the inside or outside cove corner pieces to turn corners. Here's an example of a radiused subway for turning a corner:

In your case it sounds like you want the outside corner quarter rounds to be black so they will almost frame the wall tiles, In that case, sure, you can simple have a vertical run of black outside corner quarter rounds to turn the corner for you.

Your questions:

1. Yes, you can do that.

2. I'd use true cove corner pieces on the cove to turn cove corners. Running quarter rounds to the floor and having the coves butt to each side of the quarter round? I don't see the profiles matching up at all.

3. See answer #2 above. If you run outside corner quarter rounds to the floor, the profile of the outside corner quarter round will not match the profile of the cove. So use cove corners for turning corners with the cove.

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Thanks Mongoct! I really appreciate the help. I don't think the subway tile I'm using, Daltile, makes a radius subway tile to wrap around the corner, but let me know if that's wrong. I'm also told that Daltile doesn't make inside cove corners and those need to be mitered. I will plan to use an outside corner on the cove below the quarter round, though.

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