Bying used car (Mercedes 230C)

mpfeferJune 13, 2005

Hi all,

I dont know much about cars but I do like to buy a Mercedes 230C (Model 94 ->98). I want to know what should I check prior to bying such a car.


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The first concern about those cars would be that the oil change indicator is calibrated for synthetic oil but most places, even the Mercedes dealerships, put conventional oil in them.

So I would check the oil change history on the vehicle.

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About the same as any other car(service history, mechanics report, quality of the service provider).
That is an excellent point by Brian.
I am suspect of the "legendary Mercedes quality" of the 90s, it was good in the 80s, except for rust...

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Agree with what brian said. Check the oil change history. Also check the mileage of the car prior to buying it.

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The important thing to check in buying a used Mercedes is your wallet. If you start having problems many of the repairs have to be done by the dealer because local shops don't have the expertise to do them. Or the part needed is a "dealer only' item. I just got rid of a 2001 that needed a few things. For example..cooling fan started to sound noisy. Dealer estimate parts (new fan) $1,200 and 2 hours labor..$170. So in another car where a cooling fan might be $200 installed the Mercedes was going to be $1,370. I looked on line and the cheapest fan I could find was $950. In short, many times there is no other way to go, but to the dealer and you will pay dearly.
If you have a Mercedes under warranty you are okay. If it's not under warranty and you have a problem...well, as I said in the beginning...check your wallet. You will need a fat one.

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