from Christmas to Winter Kitchen Window

phonegirlJanuary 10, 2014

This is a picture of our Christmas window decor some of you might remember. Thanks again
to all for your sweet comments on this. It made me think why not try one for winter last night.
All this playing keeps me out of trouble.

I used the same idea and brought in some snowmen and little bird votives.

Oh and also some of my crystal trees and a snowflake pkg.

Had to take this snowie w/tree off the buffet and add it to the right side to match the one on the
left side. Hope now that I have the two of these together I will put them away in the same tote to
store!haha I replaced it with one of my angels.

I should of waited until tonight to take pictures but have a
dinner date w/DF's. Going out for prime rib again and
can't pass that up.LOL Hope you enjoy seeing the change.


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Nice, Punk. VERY, VERY nice. It made me go, "Oooooo" right out loud.

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I'm with OA ... went 'oooooo' right out loud, too!
So very, very pretty! Did you use plug-in lights or battery? I love the lil' snowmen & bird votives ... ceramic kind, it looks like & all your pretty greens & silvers ...snowflakes, etc. Just 'oooooooo' ~~~~

TFS, punk! Jeanne S.

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Punk you created such a pretty space by your kitchen window.
The snowmen and bird votives look cute and I like how you
mixed the crystal trees and snowflakes in..
It's nice to still have some sparkly 'bling' around to help with
the 'after Christmas blues'. I'm also
sure doing the dishes is a lot more Cheerier too!
Hope you enjoyed your prime rib dinner! Lol

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Thanks OA, Jeanne and Jane!

Jeanne the main string of lights plug in. I added battery lights to everything else but most of those pictures didn't turn out well. Posted the first ones I took before thinking of the lights for you.LOL You can see some in the second picture. Might try it again and see if it works better tonight.

Jane, we had a wonderful dinner. The prime rib was outstanding with very little fat. That's the way I like it! Seems like every place now serves prime rib around here on either friday or saturday nights.

Thanks for looking and all your sweet comments.


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OOOOOO from me too! so pretty and sparkly. looks pretty in day light and at night.
Prime rib sounds so good I haven't had it for ages.

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Thanks Nana, glad you enjoyed the window view and made you go OOOOOO. All the pictures
above were taken in daylight. Our DF use to make prime rib alot for our family. The last couple
of years they've changed to taking us out quit often to enjoy it. I had never tried it until she insisted
she make it for Christmas dinner one year. I now realize I missed out on alot of good eating
through the Wished you lived close and you could go out with us next time.

Took some night pictures of the window if you care to look. The trees change colors. For
some reason the snowies on the left lights flash different colors but the camera couldn't capture them.
Neat in RL. If you look close you can see the trees in pink and then changing to green.

Hope you can see the difference in these pictures. One day I will learn what it takes to be a
photographer like Jeanne or not! I do think my new camera has helped.

Stay warm and safe. Punk

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Your snowmen and crystal trees add such a wonderful note of cheeriness to your kitchen. I would probably be mesmerized by the changing colors and forget to wash the dishes...LOL!

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Beautiful and PERFECT for the January doldrums!! I would love to have deep window sills. What fun!!

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I do a similar thing with my china cupboard. Here is Christmas.

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And here are my January Snowmen. My scapes do not have the ambiance your window sills do and the only thing the two have in common is that many of the pieces were made by me or my kids.

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As I look around I guess there are a few places I re-dress. Once upon a time my nursery theme was Noah's Ark. When the kids out grew it, it bummed me out terribly. DH made this one for me to ward off a collection of arks I bet!! Instead I concentrated on filling it. Here it is ready for Christmas.

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Here it is ready for January. As I look at possibly it was all about another passing obsession I acquired.

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F2BH, thanks, now I know what to tell unexpected guests
when they arrive and my dishes aren't

Arcy, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful angel collection.
I usually set up angels and haven't done so because I didn't
pack them all away together. Is the one with her mouth open
on the bottom right made from a soda can? Looks like you kept
them going over to your other cabinet.Neat!

Oh now you have your snowies displayed!Yeah Love all
of them. The hurricane one really captured my attention!
Never seen a clever one like that before. Care if I try this
sometime? Oh will you share details on how you made it?
TFS, Arcy!

This reminds me of Nana's snowman plates she shared
last year. Maybe she will share again in case you didn't
get to see it. I never did try it but it was so darn cute.

I did a snowman display on top of my hutches too.
Everyone who comes to visit seems to ask if they can
come back to share with someone else. It's been
pretty fun sharing our winter decor.

Thanks again ladies for your sweet comments. I will try to
get more snowman pictures posted soon. Punk

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I've always loved those crystal trees, punk ...& they sure are pretty changing colors! You have quite a lovely collection of glass trees!

Your photos are very good ~~

arcy ... love that wooden ark! Sweet! Fun to change out now, too!

We will need some 'sweet decor' cause it may be a long Winter since it started so early. ;-) Jeanne s.

'Happy Holidays Everafter!'

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Yes the angel is a soda can. There are three of them. Each of my kids made one in school--same teacher. They bent the can, painted it, added rafia wings and a face. The angels you see to the far right are part of the garland that hangs on my wood valances. I wish I had room for another cabinet!! When I first married, my MIL would entertain her daughter's in law by teaching us how to do crafts. She had only sons so had a great time once we gals came along!! The two angel types on the garland are from those times. Back when I had time I made a different angel each year for Christmas, gave them as gifts. When my MIL died I got hers back and mine are there too. Some a little worse for wear as a "Christmas mouse" found my storage one year and raised a little cane. The hurricane lamp idea I saw maybe over on Garden junk, maybe elsewhere. Year before Pinterest. Super easy, once I found an unused hurricane candle holder at a church garage sale. All did was buy some sparkly clear, snow tinsel, fill the glass, add wiggle eyes, draw a smile with gray hot glue. The nose is orange hot glue that I built up and attached. I have had it at least five years. This is the first year I had to re-attach the nose!!

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Arcy, you must of still been posting when I left last time.
Your ark DH built is great. Love it that you change it out!
Sorry to hear about the invasion of the mice. I am going
to try making a hurricane snowman if I have the right stuff
and it turns out, I'll share.

Jeanne, you are such an inspiration and thanks for keeping
me moving forward with winter decor!LOL Your place is always
so fun to see.

Thanks ladies for the comments. I am getting ready to post the rest of my snowie pictures. Punk

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Looking at all the winter decor is helping me with the winter doldrums.
Arcy the ark your DH made is so nice. It's neat that you change it out for the seasons
The beanie babies remind me of the collection I got for My DGD.
One day my little DGS tore the tags off all of them because he didn't like the hearts that were on them.

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Nana, glad to hear your enjoying the winter decor. Gotta love kids! I'm sure he was thinking 'hearts' aren't for boys! One of my sisters has a Beanie Baby collection. She has little plastic covers over all her tags. I remember years ago running w/her to get the latest before they sold out.

DGD wanted to go shopping yesterday and her mom ask what she wanted to do to earn money so she could go shopping. She replied 'nana always pays me to go shopping with her so lets call her.' However, they sent me a text and my phone was in my purse so I didn't call them until last night.

I don't get to see her that much so I do give her spending money when we go shopping. She's such a tighty tho she never wants to spend a penny of it. BTW, she doesn't like to shop, she'd rather go to the parks even in the winter.

Soon the winter will pass and spring will be here! Sunshine is on it's way here.Yeah

Stay safe and warm. Punk

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These are all so lovely! I especially like the color changing trees.

I wish I had windowsills, but I have wood windows and the sills are on the outside of the window and slope downward, so no decorating those, :(

I am changing some areas to snowmen and snowflakes, but mostly just taking my time putting away the Christmas décor as it just seems so blah without it.


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Punk, I love all the sparkly decor and how cheery everything looks. Tho like Fun2, I'd probably stand there staring and not wash dishes. LOL. (I do have one of those little color changing trees).
You've probably given us all "deep window sill envy" now.

Arcy, that Ark is just wonderful. How neat you can decorate it all different times for seasons and holidays. Hubby did a super job, what a good guy to do this for you!

hugs, Karen

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