Selling a broken vehicle.

timbulbJune 3, 2009

My 02 Mazda B2300 has spun a rod bearing and I would like to sell it. Does anyone have any suggestions for selling a vehicle that basically is in need of an new engine? It has tonnes of new stuff, rear springs, front shocks, alternator and tensioner, new tires, coolant reservoir... and probably someother things I can't remember. I've spent 1000s of dollars on it in the last year and now it needs a new engine or a very expensive repair, and I can't afford any more. I've bought a beater that will be less expensive to fix (or I'll just junk it if it dies), and I'd like to sell the truck.

Auction? Part out? (never done either one) Or should I just advertise it as is?

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internet is good. craigslist is a good place. its not hard to find similar vehicles with bad motors or trans to get an idea on what to ask. if you pay a shop to put in a used motor, than that is $$. a new motor would be $$$. my friend works at a small shop and they have to tell people to haul away their non-running cars after they balk at the repair cost. he says he can buy cars for $50-100 but he is in a unique situation. its hard for an average joe to find nice cars with bum motors.

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I've had it advertised on 3 different websites, Craig's included. 3 calls in 2 weeks with a price reduction after the first week. Some people are telling me to sell it without disclosing the rod bearing problem since it still runs fine and is only noisy when it's warmed up. I can't do it though.

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Advertise it as-is. Maybe someone has a similar model with good mechanics that they've rolled or put into a tree and as a result are looking for a car with a good body and shot mechanicals? You may have to wait until Christmas when more people are driving around full of drink, driving into electricity poles, ditches, rivers etc...
I've made some great bargains in the past from 'spares or repair' ads, getting a shell from one place and engine & 'box from another.

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This one is simple. Aquire a practical estimated repair for repairing of the vehicle and a practical estimated cost of engine replacement and configure the total blue book value of the Mazda then dedust one of the estimates from the book cost and this is the answer. Either that or configure the repair of the vehicle verses the amount you would receive in selling it, if the profit doesn't exist or is not worthwhile then you know it isn't worthwhile to you or the supposed buyer.

Option next>>>> List it in several places with it's gloryfied additions you have added along with its physical appearnace and demand serious inquiries only of a BO. (Best offer)

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FYI, I had a '98 Mazda Millenia that had some body damage but that I had reciepts for the past year totalling ~$3500. All new shocks/brakes, timing belt replacement (car had ~105k, maintenance recommendations were to replace the belt at 115k). New tires all around Everything worked: AC/heated leather seats/sunroof/traction control, etc.

Then something went afoul and the transmission would not go into reverse. I was done putting money into it. FWIW, my mechanic said he would not put a used or rebuilt trans in because they always come back to him and he wasn't going to take the money from me to put in a new one.

At the end of the day, I gave it to a young guy at work. He drove it away. Drive worked fine.

Moral of the story is: with the exception of really desirable or classic cars, the residual value on a non-running vehicle is little to nothing.

My 0.02

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I'm starting to see that.

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