2002 Honda transmission

ttownJune 18, 2011

I have a 2002 Honda Accord, 4 cylinder w/auto transmission and 92,000 miles on it. 95% of the time when I put it in reverse it "bangs" into gear. Transmission fluid level is good, and it goes into forward gears and drives great. Any suggestions of what this might be and how to correct it.

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could be broken motor mount or trans mount. engine wants to shift back when in reverse. shifts forward in drive. broken mounts allow excessive motor movement. might be hitting some part of frame. i would provide a link to a parts house in china but am out right now.

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honda accord? does it have an odd axle half shaft support that likes to wear out? a friend had a mystique that had one. it actually fell off. think he got a weird vibration than. seems to me honda cars have a funny axle support. maybe that is wore. if you have one that is.

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