I'm Back !!!

lynninnewmexicoJanuary 21, 2013

I'm sorry that I've been away for so long. I've missed you all a lot. Missed this great forum, too. I've always said that the nicest people "play" here. But, as we all know, this place can be addictive and we're all the best/worst enablers (LOL)! And that's what happened to me, I got so caught up in creating and decorating that I ran out of space to store it all! I also ran my sweet DH's patience to the limit, ending up with 17 full and partial sets of dishes and many cabs filled to the brim with stuff to decorate or set tables with.

Soooo, I had to take a break for a while. I didn't even allow myself to come back and just read, because I knew that it was too tempting to jump back into the fun of it all.

I'm hoping that I can finally restrain myself a bit and come back now and then to visit and get inspired. You did that for me when I first joined, you know. Decorating a room was very easy for me. It always has been. But composing a great tablescape was, for some reason, incredibly hard. You old-timers here taught me how to do it and do it well and I am so grateful for all your help!

So, let my quickly fill you in on my life and then I can jump in and play a bit. I"m still living here in the mountains of New Mexico. DH has no plans to retire as yet, although I wish he would. We're empty-nesters now. DD graduated from high school this past May and is now a college freshman out of state. She loves it and is doing really well. DS, as some of you might recall, got his masters and then joined the Army. He's been in 3 1/2 years now and has been to Afghanistan twice. Very scary for me! His commitment is up this March and he has no plans to reenlist. Both kids were home for almost a month over Christmas. As much as I love all my holiday decs, I'm anxious to pass at least half of them on to the kids as soon as they get their own homes/apartments!

I hope that I can read some back posts to catch up with you all. Or, if you have a minute, please catch me up here. For those that joined after I went into "decorating rehab" (LOL), hello and please just call me Lynn, not LynninNewMexico. I'm looking forward to being back with you all again :~)

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Lynn, you have been Missed! So glad your back to play with us again.
I hope your children will take some of your decorations, dishes and what
ever else it takes to keep you here with us.LOL

Thanks for the update on the kids. I can't believe you have that much
will power to stay away! Will be so fun to have you back.


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Lynn...Welcome Back!!!
It's so nice to have you with us again and
so happy to hear all is well with you and your family.
My how time has flown by from all that your kids are up to
now! Can't believe your daughter is in college and
your son has served (God Bless His Heart) two tours already!
As far as you taking a break from Holiday, every once in awhile,
I find myself stepping back to 'recoup' - especially if I'm
feeling overwhelmed with things at home. However, our little 'Holiday family'...
are the best of the best and are always so welcoming and understanding.

Will look forward to seeing more of you here and again
Welcome Back!

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Glad you are back, Lynn.
Thanks for sharing the news about your family.
I know what you mean about having too many things.
I've had to make myself stay away from my favorite haunts lately. lol

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Ahh. Welcome back. Glad your son will be back for good soon.

You mentioned your daughter was out of state. What state?
Sounds like she has made the adjustment just fine and has found a niche for herself.

I watched a segment of the new Dallas series last night. Tivo put it in my "you might like to watch this" folder, and because of your other post, I gave it a try. Lots of the old cast have come back. What happened to Pam, Bobby's first wife? Did they killer her off or did they divorce? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Thanks for the kind welcome backs. As for the new "Dallas" series, I don't have a clue, because I don't watch it (LOL). My info comes totally from DD and her friends.
Old Algebra: DD is at the (gorgeous) University of Oklahoma, the alma mater of both her dad and big brother. We may live in New Mexico but we raise Sooners, as DH is an Oklahoma Boy, through and through.

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Welcome back, Lynn ...good to catch-up on you/your family ... thank your son for his service & I hope the next steps of his life (in March) will be fulfilling for him. Happy to hear your DD is enjoying college!

When I saw lynninnewmexico, I smiled ...I always called you that cause there was another lynne here (lynne with an e) ...she still visits Holiday Forum but is recovering now from a serious surgery. Anyway, when I saw your 'long name,' I thought right away of your beautiful home & that wonderful deer art pc displayed in your home @Christmas. The other thing I remember is you recognizing my Kachina dolls (from my Mom) & you could give me some history! (I didn't even know the term Kachina).

So, welcome back, friend ...I hope we don't overwhelm you ...just enjoy! Jeanne S.

From Jan 2010:

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Hi Jeanne, and thank you! I'm sure that you already know that none of the dolls in that above pic are kachina dolls, but the 2 on the right are my very favorite kinds: Bully Good Skookum dolls! Love them. A Skookum doll's eyes are known for (pretty much) always looking to their right. Oooooh, lucky you to have such nice examples!

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Ohhh...I'm glad you're back, lynn! LOL! My mind left me...yes, I said 'Kachina' dolls ...whoops...I know WHAT 'kachina' dollS look like from my visit to NM many yrs ago. I did not know 'Skookum' dolls until you saw my pic back in early 2010...& shared that info. Thanks! Jeanne S.

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Nice to have you back Lynn, we all wondered what had happened to you. Our thanks to your son for his service, I know it will be a relief for him to be out soon.

I had to cut back on the tablescapes too. Just not enough storage space and silly for me to do them and then no one eating a meal to enjoy them.

My change since you've been gone is that I lost my DH in November. He had Dementia and it progressed quite rapidly. Trying to figure out what I should do now.

I thought of you this fall when I pulled out the cornucopia you had sent me. It will be nice having you back chating with us even if you don't do any tablescapes. I always love seeing your holiday decor.


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Hi Lynn, I've been MIA quite a bit too, I pop in here & there, but I did notice lots of familiar names missing. I had to cut back too, for a different reason.

My grandson turned my basement into a music studio for his band & all my decor is on shelves behind drums, amp, speakers, guitars etc. & a real chore to get to anything.

Glad to see you back & bless your son & prayers for his safe return.

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Welcome back to the group, Lynn! I'm still reeling over the idea of owning 17 dish sets! wowza!!!!! :O)

And speaking of Kachinas... I learned what they were when I was in high school and was asked to paint a kachina wall mural in the guidance counselor's office! I wonder if it's still there...

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