Eldorado or Coronado Stone

MichelleDTFebruary 21, 2012

Has anyone installed either of these products? Once installed, do you love it? Willing to share pics?

We are looking at the ledge stone or dry stack styles.



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We are currently installing Dutch Stone and so far are very happy with it. We were expecting to use El Dorado but the stone supplier in our area (who handles both brands) was very adamant about preferring the Dutch Stone so we took their advice.

The mason usually works with natural stone and he has been impressed by the product too.

I'm on my iPad right now and don't have easy access to pics but there are plenty on the blog and also a few in the 'it's February, how is your build' thread.

We are using their Ledgestone in the Natural Blend color and are mixing in about 10% Fieldstone (larger more rounded). Will be using the slightly more squared WeatherLedge on the interior fireplace wall.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blog about moving to VA: Newsfromthehill.com

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We plan on using Coronado. The yard carries Eldorado as well, but they have had better results and feedback with the Coronado one. The price point is also better, at least ours is. They also do not have different prices for different blends/colors. Eldorado does. I assume both can do this, but the Coronado allows us to tweak the blend and remove colors we do not like. We are after a monochromatic look with greys and blacks. They have a blend with some random browns, so we plan on ordering without the brown in it.

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Thanks for the feedback. Coroando has a better price point here as well. Approximately $2 a sq. ft. less than El Dorado. We are waiting on our samples.

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@gbsim - your stone looks great. Who would know it isn't real stone.

We made our decision last night. Coronado was $2.25 per sq. ft. cheaper and looked so much better than the El Dorado. We selected Pro-Ledge in Dakota Brown. Now for stucco samples.

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