Restoring A Classic Mopar...Help And Advice?

velvet_sparrowJune 13, 2007

I have a 1969 Plymouth Fury III convertible that is heading into the home stretch, restoration-wise. She is my daily driver and needs: paint (body work too), upholstery, carpet Have a source for a molded carpet kit and think I can do it), bumpers rechromed & aluminum molding polished, cracked dash repaired, weatherstripping, etc.

I'm in the Los Angeles, California area. Can anyone offer any advice on local or online shops to use/avoid or any other help?

Any input would be sincerely appreciated, thanks! :)


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sounds nice, being that a 69 plymouth fury isnt a real valuable sought after collector car, but none the less a nice older hobby car. i think i would go the macco route, and save some money on body and paint.

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I realize that purests tend to turn up their noses at C bodies, but I think that is changing.

Actually my car IS quite sought after, surprisingly--at least around here. No exaggeration when I say that every time I drive it, I get people asking me if I want to sell it. Or they scream it across parking lots. They knock on my door at home. Leave notes. The last guy stopped me in a parking lot and offered me two fully restored Corvairs for it! My mechanic tells me every time I take it in that he wants to buy it, and says that he did his research and the car is worth around $30,000--mine is kind of rare. I've done my own research and have found out he's right. So weird...! :)

But I love this car, and want to restore it right-- I want a quality paint job and body work, as I plan on doing this only once. I'm only the third owner and it's still pretty much stock, the original owner took excellent care of it and had it garaged for a long time--so the original interior had held up well. Heck, I've even got the original window sticker for it, and when I bought it, it still had the original red line bias ply tires on it! *L*

Velvet ~:>

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The cars of the 60s are becoming very sought after. Just watch the Barrett Jackson auction sometime. A '67 Belevedere sold for almost $600,000! A certain '65 Cobra sold for $5,000,000!
I would have a good shop that specializes in vintage cars do the paint. That way you can get an original color on it and the value will continue to rise. Getting an original color is probably the biggest way to ensure it's value.

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Probably looks about like this...

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mikie, except for the rubber bumpers on the front bumper, that is EXACTLY my car, right down to the current color. I found that guys' page, too. :) He's got great pics.

I watch Barrett/Jackson all the time...and drool... *L* I know I want a good paint shop, the trouble is finding one.

Another question, it needs full weatherstripping/rubber bumpers...should these be done BEFORE paint & body work so that the seams will all sit up right? My only concern with doing them before might be that they'd get paint overspray on them, but with a good shop this should be minimal or nonexistant, right?

I plan on returning the car to it's original color, a pretty shade of marine blue--although it's getting a full black interior, not the weird white seats/doors and black dash it started with.

Velvet ~:>

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you should join a mopar car club. they can give you leads on finding parts and answer questions. if your body is solid with minimal rust than just about any shop can do a repaint. finding replacement body panels for that year car is hard. i had a 67 sport fury and that was even harder to find stuff for. check out hemmings motor news magizine. they have thousands of ads for parts/cars and even more.

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If you aren't worried about spending more on the car then it's really worth, just ask a Mercedes dealership where they send their new cars that come through damaged. This place should do pretty good work. A top flight paint job might run $8,000-$12,000. As far as your car being worth it, that is your decision. The cars you see selling for big bucks are cars with big engines. If your car has a hemi engine it will probably bring $100,000+ if fully restored. With a 440 engine it might bring 1/2 of that. The standard 318 engine will bring even less. And "fully restored" cars that you see on television have probably cost a minimum of $25,000 to restore to new or better than new conditon.

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i went to a large car show in Iola, Wi last weekend. it has 4200 vendors so its fairly large. there is a huge car corral and auction going on too so there are lots of cars to buy. i spotted a nice, rust free 68 plymouth sport fury from montana with 383 and a/c for $1500. it looked very solid and even had the 4 original hubcaps. if i only had the room for a project car.

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Wow, that sounds like a bargain. I bet you could get almost all your money back by selling the 383.

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the car was not running though. the guy said it had spun a bearing. my brother has a 383 sitting in his garage and a 440 but he has plans for both. you can still find 440's if you look around. yank out the crank and have it turned and throw in some new bearings and away you go.

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