Horsepower Civic vs Eclipse

eric_92037June 11, 2008

IÂm considering buying one of two cars an 06 Mitsubishi Eclipse with 162 horses and weights 3300 pounds and an 06 Civic with 140 horses but only weights 2600 pounds. Can you give me your best guesstimate which one would have the most power on steep freeway upgrades and getting out of the way of an 18 wheeler?

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Both will be quite egual when it comes to acceleration.

The Honda will be easier to service in the future because of how many of them there are.

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At first glance, it appears that the Civic has the advantage.

162 hp / 3300 lb = .04909 hp/lb

140 hp / 2600 lb = .05385 hp/lb

But there is more to the story. These advertized weights are often dry weight: it doesn't include the weight of cargo and fuel. Mathematically, additional weight will affect the lighter vehicle more than the heavier one. Suppose that you have two persons in the car, one weighing 170 lb and another 150 lb, then add 50 lb for stuff in the trunk (the fuel load was ignored in this example.) This comes to a cargo load of 370 lb. Now, when the cargo load is considered, we have:

162 hp / 3570 lb = .04538 hp/lb

140 hp / 2970 lb = .04714 hp/lb.

As John said, there's not much difference. Adding a fuel load will bring these numbers nearer to each other.

The accelerations of each car is dependent in its engine torque curve versus rpm. Torque is more important when pulling away from a stop and climbing hills. At highway speeds, peak horsepower may be more important for acceleration depending on how the car is 'geared'.

Consider the gas mileage in your choice, and listen to John when he speaks about maintence.

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