Bargain Hunting at Christmas Tree and BBB

kathleen_liJanuary 20, 2013

Thought some of you might like to see some of the things I found in clearance at CTS the other day, and a few from BBB.
All tablescape related.
How about a tablecloth for .98?

It was a fun hunting trip! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Tablecape Bargains

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Wow! That was well worth the trip!!! Wonderful finds! Love those 'turkey' plates! what a steal, kathleen! That aqua t'cloth is lovely & the 'Blue Fern' plate I've never seen ... beautiful tog! Lots of goodies!

And the view out your french doors is gorgeous! TFS! Jeanne S. ~~hope that popcorn popper works & cleans up great!

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Those are my same turkey plates that I found at at Home Goods and I paid a lot more than .40c!!!

Waaahhhh, I want a CTS store, Waaaahhhh!!!

I';m drooling over all your great buys and green enough with envy for St. Paddy's day over all your great bargains!!

TFS, although I am still very jealous,

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Marlene Kindred found a ton of bargains!

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Candy, someday they will make it to you! :) You do well at your thrift stores, and they are pretty bad here!

Thanks, Jeanne. I think it is time to make new drapes for that room, but I will leave the flowers till after âÂÂ¥ Day.
I am anxious to do the blue fern with that cloth!
It is actually made from recycled soda bottles! No kidding! Feels nice and soft.

Thanks, Marlene, I didn't NEED them, but it was a fun trip!

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Kathleen, you found two of my sets of dishes! The turkey and friendly village. Wow, what fantastic prices. I love all of your bargains. Sooo happy for YOU. All your linnens are amazing too. The snowmen spatulas are just the cutest little things. I would of scooped them up too.

I so need to come and go shopping with you.LOL I've been wanting to buy DGD a popcorn popper at Costco but haven't. Here microwave blast o butter in the smaller packs seems to work nice for an after school snack and cleanup is a breeze.HAHA

Thanks so much for sharing all your goodies. I always enjoy lookin'.


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Wow Kathleen, you found some fantastic bargains!
Haven't been there since before Christmas tho.
I've been kind of 'out of it' - so it was nice seeing all the wonderful goodies you picked up, especially the
Churchill and Johnson Bros plates!
Last yr I bought the same Moose table cloth and matching apron and love it.
I enjoyed seeing all your new 'toys' to 'play with'..!
Have fun.

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Great finds, Kathleen! I saw those Turkey dishes at CTS before Christmas, but they weren't 40c.

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Wonderful bargains! The most fun thing is those darling snowmen spatulas! What a cute tie on with a towel or if taking someone a casserole. Lots of pretty tablecloths and fantastic bargains on the plates. Nice to know you won't be running out of supplies to keep putting out all your pretty tablescapes--thank you CTS! :o)


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Kathleen, wow what a haul! I wish we had a CTS too. Sigh, maybe one day.

I also have those turkey plates. Mine were way more than what you paid on eBay though. Are yours the salad or dinner plates? I have the salad plates and use them with dinner plates in the "Recollection" pattern by Indiana Glass. The Recollection dinner plates are a perfect match with the peachy/pink roses on the turkey plates.

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Dream, they are dinner plates. There were only 6.
Ebay can be very expensive.

Luvs, I agree, cute little add on for a hostess gift.
Yes, I have lots to do scapes with, need some inspiration!

Thanks, Nana. I think someone may have returned them, as there wasn't any other plates to go with them.

Punk, we do have a good time. Always fun to shop with another dish aholic! :)

Jane, so good to hear from you! I hope you are well, and that you pick up some bargains if you go!
Somebody told me they got the red and white cloth 2 yrs ago! Funny how diff things surface at different times.

Thanks for looking everyone! I appreciate it.

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If anything is going to be the downfall of me, Kathleen, it will be your wonderful blog and the amazing bargains you find! I'm already lusting over many of these new ones, especially the embroidered red and white "moose tablecloth". I'll be anxiously looking for the table you set with that!

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That's a Fantastic Haul!

Can't go into the CTS without finding a bagful of bargains. LOVE that store. Don't get there as often now that we moved 30+ miles away from 'ours'.

For those who wish they had one? I heard a few years back that BB&B is endeavering to put one near every BB&B store, so hopefully, you'll be getting one soon!

And don't forget, BB&B gift cards and CTS ones can be used in either store (at least here we can).

'Don't you just LOVE a Bargain!'

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Lynn, I may not get to that cloth till next year, so many holidays coming up and so close together. Easter is Mar 30 this year!

Azzalea, I do love a bargain, it makes me happy to find one!
Thanks, ladies!

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