Kitchenaid Dishwasher HELP!

reallyslowMarch 26, 2014


I saw a Kitchenaid dishwasher KUDC10IXBL (floor model) for $475 at a local appliance store.

Do you guys think this is good value?

Full Console Dishwasher with 4 Wash Cycles, 3 Options, SatinGlide Racks, Hard Food Disposer, Stainless Steel Tub, Energy Star Qualified and 52 dBA Sound Rating:

Thanks in advanced!

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Miele and Bosch get the most praise at this website. Do a search under KitchenAid on this site, lots of issues with fires and floods in the past. I have a KitchenAid fridge and range but had read enough to go Miele, it is an excellent dishwasher. 4225 Classic for $899.

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The price doesn't sound bad at all. Check the overall ratings and then go from there. The best feedback would be from an honest sales person, or a reputable repair person.

I had been using a Hobart era KitchenAid for several months after getting rid of a KitchenAid that was less than a year old when I finally ripped out in disgust.

I was fairly pleased with the Hobart built dishwasher, but did run into an issue with some odors I didn't care for due to the door design. Odors in a dishwasher gross me out. Grease would get splashed underneath and inside the door panel due to the strong wash arm. We are going to store it and see if we can figure something out, but is not something remedied with a dishwasher cleaner. It involves removing the door panel to clean out and I got fed up with it..

In the meantime I needed a dishwasher immediately. I figured I would get whatever anyone had in stock to pick up that day, and then look for and order a "better" one.

I wanted to order a Miele but Miele does not service our all. We checked with them directly. So forget that. They need to rethink their business practices.

All I could find locally without driving more than two hours each way was a no frills Whirlpool dishwasher at Lowes. It has a plastic tub which didn't thrill me since I prefer a stainless interior, and the racks do not adjust but are very sturdy. No fold down tines. It has a filter system rather than a food grinder. Not a dishwasher I would normally seek out and buy. I figured since it was only about $350 I would get my money's worth by the time I researched and bought a "better" one.

Well, I am absolutely shocked. This is the BEST cleaning dishwasher I have had in a very, very, long time. We have hard water and everything is clean and sparkles. No odors whatsoever. I am going to keep it as long as it keeps working and have no desire at this point to purchase something else. I will live with the rack limitations, which really hasn't been a problem anyway. I'm just thrilled it cleans well.

My expensive KitchenAid that was over a thousand dollars at the time (prices have since gone up quite a bit) had 4 control panels put in it in less than six months and never cleaned all that great.

The lesson I learned through all of this, since I am someone who seeks out high quality, is that price or fancy features or looks has nothing to do with it anymore. This dishwasher is excellent.

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I own KitchenAid KUDC10FXSS5 from 2012. Its stainless inside with gray racks, no real adjustments. If you just eat and run the dw,then yes it will work. If you want to run breakfast dishes with dinner dishes, forget it! The rinse aid knob broke within 1st three months. I find myself scrubbing the dishes before putting them in. Because I find dishes finishing a cycle and are still dirty. I use Casacade complete and Lemishine. I'm considering swapping it out this year. My old Whilpool, white interior did a great job. Good luck.

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Our KA dishwasher died a few months ago after just 2-1/2 years. KA made me jump through so many hoops to even find out whether the problem was fixable that I gave up. I swapped it out for a Miele, and am surprised at how much cleaner the Miele gets our dishes.

I would never buy another KA dishwasher at any price.

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We've been doing a lot of research lately and kitchenaid is at the top of the foodchain when it comes to dishwashers! :) Super quiet and efficient! good luck!

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"We've been doing a lot of research lately and kitchen aid is at the top of the food chain when it comes to dishwashers! :)"

Uh, NO. KitchenAid used to be at the top of the food chain ... when they were a division of the Hobart Corporation. After being sold to Whirlpool, they were slowly and methodically decimated into an overpriced, poorly performing tarted up Whirlpool.

Such a shame really. Not too many years ago, KitchenAid was the most reliable, best performing brand of dishwasher made. Period.

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