Does this tile look strange/bad?

momo48February 15, 2013

My tile man called me at work today and said he just doesn't like how the tile on the top half of the shower looks at an angle. He says the back wall looks awesome, but if you're standing a little bit to the right, it looks odd. In one of the helper's words, "like an old box springs". Say what??? I personally don't find anything wrong with it. It is an optical illusion for sure because of the dogbone basket weave shape, but he says we should consider taking the travertine stone up both side walls and having the basket weave just on the floor and on that back wall of the shower. He has 20+ years experience. Thoughts??

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I like it. I usually take the contractor's opinions on technical matters but almost never on matters of taste. One of the most talented contractors I use has a Horrible design esthetic.

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palimpsest, thank you. I guess I just wanted confirmation that I wasn't blind or crazy or both!

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I like it too although I see the optical illusion concern. Some people are more sensitive to optical illusions and pattern than others. I agree with palimpsest, I wouldn't subsitute the tilesetters' opinions for yours on this... it's not like they are going to be showering in there when it's done!

It looks like that will be a gorgeous shower and room with the materials that you've chosen. Would you mind sharing details on your mosaic? I hope you'll post more pictures!

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FWIW, I think it looks great too.

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Very neat looking shower! I see his concern, but you're not going to be standing peering at your end walls at an angle, as he has. I would say you're lucky to have a perfectionist working for you. You'll be looking at your walls straight on, during your shower, and enjoying your wonderful choices!

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Thanks all for your input. He will be finishing up the shower tomorrow, so I'll post pics when it's complete. I can't wait to hear his comments when I tell him to proceed as planned!

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lol. I like this. Both the tile work and the helper's comment.

And I fully agree, thank him for his concerns and for bringing them to your attention. Just let him know you love the look yourself and you'd like the installation continued.

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Well, the shower is mostly finished (minus the grout) and as it turns out, the tilesetter ended up really liking it. So glad I listened to my gut with the help of all of you. Thanks!

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Another pic with some of the floor tile.

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I love your shower! It uses classic elements in an unexpected way. I think it's gorgeous and I'd love to see pictures of the rest of your room.

Now that I look more closely... is that a band of stacked/irregular stone under your chair rail and at the edge of the floor? I initially thought it was a smooth mosaic.

What is your wall tile? It looks very much like mine, Edimax Materia Forte in Bronzea.

What color grout are you planning?

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treasuretheday, I will get the specifics out ASAP. The sheet with all the tile names is taped to the wall and I can't walk in the bathroom today because they tiled the floor.The band is actually glass mosaic mixed with stone that matches the tiny accent piece in the basket weave tile. In the picture, it does resemble stacked stone (which I love but didn't want to have to clean it in the shower!).

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treasuretheday, the following are the materials used:
Upper half of shower: Rush River bisbane delray 10 x 10
Lower half of shower: bucak light walnut honed 8 x 12
Fired Earth Glass works Ocean Woods blend border in between
Thanks for your interest!

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I think it looks fine. I see what he's talking about, but I wouldn't have if it hadn't been brought up. I guess it all depends on one's perspective. Either way, the workmanship looks terrific!

What's going to happen at the edge?

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I think it looks great! Very nicely done.

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bill_vincent...stay tuned for what's happening at the edge. I have no idea. I'm leaving that detail to the experts.

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Thanks for the details. Your mosaic border as installed looks so much better than the picture on the website. We used bucak light walnut skirting/base molding in our masterbath. I would have loved to use all travertine tiles but settled instead for an easy-care porcelain.

Good luck on the rest of your project!

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