How to repair paint chips on the rear bumper and trunk

janesylviaJune 25, 2006

I reversed my car and accidentally bumped onto the garage door before it was fully lifted up. This left with 2 paint chips (0.75" long) and a small scrach on my rear bumper and trunk. Is there any way I can repair the two paint chips by myself?

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Well, since no one else has chimed in ...

Your car dealer and most auto parts stores will carry touch-up paint for your particular car color. There also are instructions on the Internet (some with pictures) on how to touch up scratches like the ones you have. The bumper might be a different story because so many bumpers these days are made of plastic, not metal. However, you could try the touch-up paint on the bumper as well. Perhaps someone else will chime in with more information.

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