factory auto paint in a can?

author62June 21, 2007

Hi All,

We just bought a 1994, Ford Aspire for our teenage daughter. Except for some minor dings and scratches it is in great condition and has its orginal factory paint. Question is, is there somewhere I can buy spray paint to match the original? There are a few places I'd like to touch up. Is there even such a thing for purchase?

Thanks in advance,


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Yes, there are websites where you can order touch-up paint in the small bottles and also in spray cans. If you do a Google search I'm sure you can find one. I ordered some in a bottle from one of the sites some time ago but have not used it yet. Don't expect professional results with the spray, but it should come with detailed instructions to help you get the best results possible. You will need the paint code from the car.

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Thanks for the tip. I broke my cardinal rule of not googleing it first!

It's an old car and dab here and there of paint will make it look a bit better.



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Ford dealership parts department usually has it also and they can tell you some tips on how to prep and apply it.

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Any autobody supply house or any body shop will make you the paint. The Factory paint. There are lots of supply houses that will put the paint in a spray can for you. First check your auto supply stores like pep boys or Napa
and bring your paint code. the ford code is two letters
like G.R. T.S. and is found in the driver door. If they don't have it your vehical has " base coat, clear coat " and has to be made for you. BRING MONEY and you had better know what you are doing because it will look like hell if
you don't prepare it properly. If the paint chip is no
bigger than half the size of a pencle eraser you could use
the touch up paint than comes in something that looks like a finger nail polish bottle. do not put the paint on too
dark because the car will look like it has the measles.
Take your time and be carefull. you should be fine. The
most important advice i can give you is make sure what you
paint is clean and dry with no sharp edges. Good luck.

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