Are all 302 engines alike?

dav2888June 26, 2005

I was wondering if all 302 engines are the same. If I took a 302 from a Bronco and put it in a mustang would it be the same as a 302 that would come from antoher mustang?

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yes and no, overall the same engine, but different oil pans, water pumps, exhaust manifolds etc, possibly some diff. in engine internals- crank pistons compresion ratio. etc. so check things out careful, b-4 proceeding.

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There can be difference in accessories arrangements especially between engines with automatic versus automatic transmissions.

Watch out for differences of timing mark locations.

If you have electronic ignition controls, there can be running changes of the timing holes in the flywheel flex plate, changes in timing sensors, and required mathcing version of the computerized engine controller.

I changed a '92 Jeep 6 cy engine for a nearly new '96 engine. We discovered there were differences in the timing holes on the flywheel. We wanted to use the new fuel injectors, but these were different. Our solution was to convert the '96 engine to a '92 version. We moved the manifolds from the old engine to the new one and swapped the flywheel assemblies. Thereby, we could keep the existing engine controller, and there were no changes to the wiring harnesses or sensors.

We had to be satisfied with the old injectors.

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Some have roller cams instead of flat tappet cams. Others have stronger timing chains.

The electronic sensors for EEC-IV fuel injected models are the same between the various models. The only real difference would be the MAF sensor for engines so-equipped.

Oh, also, the non-HO versions have a different firing order than the HO-versions.

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