Tinted Windows

jos69June 16, 2005

What would be a good price on tinting car windows.I have a 2001 buick GS.

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Tint film can cost big bucks or next to nothing, last I heard about $125 labor, and that's maybe 3 yrs back.

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I was quoted $260 to tint my Honda Accord. I assume this includes the labor and material.

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I paid $160 plus tax, here in Columbus Ohio.
Worth every penny.

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A coworker of mine in s. Georgia had her Nissan Altima done last week for $150.00. Georgia just passed a window tint law that says tint must allow 32% of light to pass through which effectively outlaws the real dark tint unless it is factory original such as that on SUVs. You may want to check your local laws, if any, before deciding on darkness of tint. The Georgia law is applicable to out of state vechicles too when they are in Georgia.

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We've had a window tint law in Indiana for years. The problem is it's almost never enforced. Overly dark tinting is a safety hazard not only for police officers who approach the vehicle after stopping it, but also to motorcyclists and other drivers who may not be seen by the driver who has "limousine tint" on his or her windows.

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I was advised of the current law, chose to break it and signed a waiver. I didn't go limo black, did 35% all around. The driver and passenger windows per law should be 50%.
Hopefully the police have better things to do than worry about my windows.
ALTHOUGH, I was pulled over in my last car that was 20% all around. I was in a very small suburb with police that are bored. That's my 2 cents.

I still think tinted windows help keep the car cool and not fade the interior. Also the AC works less.

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Paid $200 last year to have my Toyota Rav4 windows tinted (small SUV).

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Pawprint1, I don't disagree with you that tinted windows have functional value, and I'm sure you're right that the police usually have better things to do than enforce window tint laws. That's probably why the law here is rarely enforced.

I think a better way to approach a law like this would be to inform shops installing window tint of what's legal and what's not, and if a car they've tinted is found to be in violation, make them responsible for removing the tint and re-installing new tint in accordance with the law.

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Thank all of you people for your replys that help me alot.Thanks again.

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Hi Cowboy, actually they do a great job of informing the consumer as to what is legal, not legal, risky, no as risky and so on. They also make you sign a waiver if you decided to go even 1% beyond legal so they will remain innocent. I understand their side of it and just glad they're willing to go a little darker than legal if we're willing to risk it.

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What are functional values of tinting the windows? I got quote from my dealer for $189 on the 4 dr Accord so I think I am going to do it. I have dark interiors and am wondering if it would help protect it?

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Pawprint1, my position would be that if they're tinting windows illegally or unsafely dark, that's not "doing a great job," because the risk isn't just to the driver, it's to others as well. If the risk were just to the car owner, I'd say fine, black them out 100 percent if you want. But if you've ever been riding a motorcycle at night and had someone with "limousine tint" windows pull out directly in front of you because he or she couldn't see you, then I think you'd see my point.

Also, from the standpoint of the window tint shops, having customers sign a paper to supposedly relieve them of legal liability is not only irresponsible, but it's also very dumb. It indicates that they KNOW that they are breaking the law. If the owner of that car goes out and takes out a motorcyclist due to poor visibility, now there is legal documentation that both the tint shop and the car owners knew full well that the windows were breaking the law. A prosecutor couldn't dream of better proof.

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Oh yah, the tint shops know. They show an example up front of what is legal and all the tints to choose from. If we choose to break the law it's our fault not theirs. I see your point, but the state could give a little too so we wouldn't break the law. Until last year the dark tint on SUV's was illegal here. OH, but it was legal for the SUV's stating the drivers had no choice (which is true) but we were not allowed to tint a car that dark.

So I understand your motorcycle story, but what about all the blacked out SUV's out there? That stuff is built in the window I think. Just as dangerous but no one to blame.

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Don't most of the SUVs have the really dark tint only on the rear side windows and the back window, but not the front side windows? If so, it's as too big a problem as far as visibility. I think the big problem is when they tint the front side windows (driver and passenger door) too dark, because it just makes it too hard for the driver to see at night. But if there is a law, it should apply the same to all vehicles, except those manufactured or tinted before the law took effect.

I'm not a big advocate of a bunch of laws, and I think people should basically be left alone. And I know that there are far bigger safety concerns out there than tinted windows. Tinting windows is fine; it looks nice and keeps the car cooler. I just think for safety's sake people shouldn't overdo it.

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I agree on safety also. All the 9 cars I've owned have had tinted windows. Some darker than others. It REALLY is hard to tell when they show you a tiny patch of tint. My last car when done was too dark, but he'd already done it and I picked it so had to live with it. Unless I wanted to pay him to remove and start over.....
I know that the interior color makes a difference, darker inside, darker windows will look, and the exterior color. Last car was yellow. So the windows looked very dark though I could still see out.
The car I have now isn't that dark, and doesn't look that dark from the outside. Much safer.

Lexie: The interior of the car stays many degrees cooler allowing your A/C not to work as hard maintaining a temp. And it will protect your interior from fading. I still use a sunshade for the front window to guarantee coverage all around. Some people like it for privacy.

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Just thought I's post the new Georgia law. Notice that it says that an installer is guilty of a misdemeanor if he installs tint in violation of the law. The local paper has had numerous window tint citations showing up in the arrests sections since the law passed.
Georgia's New Window Tint Law

H.B. 20 (Window Tint) - Amends 40-8-73.1 - Effective May 2, 2005

Revives the window tint statute which was recently found unconstitutional by the Georgia Supreme Court with some minor modifications.

Makes it a misdemeanor to violate specified window-tint restrictions

· Applies to both residents & non-residents.

· No window tinting on front windshield.

· On windows to either side of driver or in back of vehicle, the light transmission restriction may not be less than 32%, plus or minus 3% or increase light reflectance more than 20%.

· Labels indicating that tinted windows meet state specifications are no longer required.


1. Sun visors mounted on front windshields.

2. On front windshields - lower left and right corners in a 5" or 7" square (respectively).

3. On front windshields - Passenger Common Carrier Signs meeting statutory specifications.

4. Upper most 6" on front windshield can have a transparent item which is not red or amber.

5. Any Federal, state or county required stickers may be placed as required

6. Rear windshields & side windows behind the driver of a:

a. Multipurpose passenger vehicle

b. School bus

c. Public transportation bus

d. Non-profit bus

e. Limousines

f. Windows tinted before factory delivery

g. Tinting otherwise expressly permitted by federal law

7. Anywhere on law enforcement vehicle.

The DPS (DMVS until July 1) may issue dark tinting permits to persons with special medical needs requiring tinting. Any GA Installer installing tinting in violation of this section is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Please refer to the bill for exceptions. (The bill can be viewed by clicking on the following link: http://www.legis.state.ga.us/legis/2005_06/fulltext/hb20.htm.)

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I still think it's crap that "f. Windows tinted before factory delivery" is okay but I cannot tint my windows to that darkness on my own.

That's like saying I wasn't born with clothes so it's illegal to wear them. Oh well, my 2 cent's won't change anything.

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well my windows are illegal...so i moved out of georgia.they are limo tint...at night i just roll down my windows..never been in an accident,am a law abiding citizen until they changed the law on tinting,now i am a law breaker,now that is just too funny.i will never go back to georgia. a sad protest because all of my family is there but hell must make a stand even if it is for a silly thing like window tint.and the motorcycle thing is lame ...i have seen motorcyclist hit by people with no tint on their windows ...and people hit other cars with no window tint.?so just another silly law because they have nothing else to do, with tax payer money or their lame jobs.

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