did you know...

nana2010_gwJanuary 23, 2013

...that today is Pie Day?
Yikes I almost missed it!!
But I was able to get my favorite, Lemon Meringue
at the grocery store.
From 2013-01-23 (by Eye-Fi)

Care to join me for a slice and a cup of tea?
I'll put the kettle on.

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Did not know that Nana...
Happy Pie Day to you!
Boy that Lemon Meringue pie looks good and also
one of my favorites.
Your setting is not only cheerful looking, but
very inviting too. Makes me want to hop in that
Holiday Bus and enjoy some pie with you.

Gosh, now I'm having major pie cravings..lol
In the meantime, thanks for the 'Pie Day' info

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nana ... I did know that ...because of the noon news ... at least that was some 'happy news' to share for the day! Yum, your pie look good! & those cheery dishes sure do match ...makes me smile! TFS! (too cold here the bus probably wouldn't start!) Jeanne S.

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I love Lemon Meringue pie, YUMM!

Traditional pie day is celebrated on March 14 as in 3-14 or pi = 3.14....... so this must be a different pie day.

Anyway, it looks delicious so please save me a piece, LOL
I am a tea drinker too, love the Mandarin Orange spice!!
Maybe that is why I like to collect teapots??


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Looks so yummy! Save room on the bus for me too!

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That looks great! and, no, I didn't know about pie day (or pi day :)

I do know that it's National Hobby Month! they've had a lot of advertisements about it on the radio.

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Whoa, no one loves pie more than I do. Please save a slice for me. Sweet setting Nana. Lemon pie is one of my favorites. I made Canadian butter tarts for the first time a couple of weeks ago and sure enjoyed.

I can't wait till my knee is healed so I can reset my table. I was hoping to try a snowman setting next. At this rate it'll be spring before that happens.LOL Better get figuring out what I'm using this year for Valentines Day too.

Thanks for sharing. Oh, is that a fancy cake plate under your pie? Reminds me of some of our heart plates with the cutouts. I have a vase like that too.


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Yum! Would love to come for some tea!

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Thanks everyone. I thought it was a fun idea, but I don't need an excuse to eat pie.
Jane, I would love to have you come for pie.
The dishes came from the grocery store, I think I have service for 20, we use them on holidays.
Jeanne, I'm sure the bus wouldn't start here either. I'll be glad when this Arctic Blast is over.
Candy, my DGD Dylan celebrates PI day in March..she said it is a holiday for Nerds LOL. I like Mandarin Orange spice too.
luvs, I'm so glad you'll be on the bus too.
PM, I didn't know it was National Hobby Month.
Is collecting dishes a hobby or an addiction???
Punk, I'm sorry your knee hasn't healed yet.
Those Canadian butter tarts sound good.
Yes, that is a fancy plate under the pie, a friend gave it to me when she was 'clearing things out' It came from CTS.
Kathleen, glad you are coming, do you like regular or herbal tea?


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