Toyota FJ Cruiser

busyasabeeMay 26, 2006

I'm in the process at looking for a new car, and I was

wondering if I can get feedback regarding the Toyota FJ Cruiser.

What do you think of this vehicle? Would you buy it? Why or why not?

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I wouldn't buy it for several reasons.It's overpriced at around 30K,especially when you can get a Nissan XTerra for around 22K,even less with rebates!True of all big SUVs,it gets lousy gas mileage-about 15-17 mpg. From the forums -it has poor rear visibility ,with that huge glassless C-pillar,no rear window for passengers in the rear either.To me it's a goofy looking car ,especially in clown car yellow,for status symbol seeking people who really want a Hummer,but can't afford one!

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no, its too high a price, but the number one reason, i wouldnt is its too hard to see out of, with those big c pillars.

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Every time I see a blue or yellow FJ Cruiser I imagine a big brass ooga-ooga squeeze bulb horn mounted near the driver's door with Bozo The Clown driving it!Doot-doot-doo-doo-doo-doo-doot-doo-doo-doo !

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My son bought one and loves it!!

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Besides the big c pillars, any other reasons why NOT to buy FJ Cruiser?

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Ugly , ridiculously expensive for it's class , poor front and rear visability , and awful gas mileage aren't enough ?

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I bought one back in May.

It's a delight. I LOVE it.

I've had no visibility problems. You do have to get into the habit of using your sideview mirrors along with looking out the windows. And where I park in the evening, I have to thread between 2 closely spaced houses, a few parked cars and basically 'parallel' park on the left. I always back into the driveway, and it only took me a few days to be able to whip right into my space as easily as I ever did with my Caravan.

Reasons to buy an FJ? Love the utilitarian look. Having an electrical (household current) outlet is a great advantage to me (I do a lot of cooking on the road). Love the solid feel of the car. DH liked the way the engine was configured, and the fact that everything underneath is protected from damage. DD loves the look and color (of course I got Voodoo Blue). It's an absolute delight to drive, and to be honest, I find myself 'making up' errands so I can go out and cruise around the neighborhood. Seats are easy to fold up. Lots of rear space for carrying 'stuff'--it's going to be great for travelling. Can't wait to take our first vacation in ours. I love the suicide doors--makes loading groceries et al into the back seat so much easier. We were pleasantly suprised at the cost of insurance--we traded in an '89 caravan with just liability, and took out full coverage on the 2007--and our premium only went up about $250 for the year (in a very high cost insurance state). Love the 3 windshield wipers--they really give great coverage.

Disadvantages would be:
not great gas mileage. Not a problem to me--I generally use only about $10-15 of gas in a month, anyway, so gas mileage wasn't a big consideration when I went car shopping.
you have to get used to the visibility--but as I said, it's not that bad and you will become accustomed to driving it in a few days.
minor detail--the side windows are so long, that the visors are virtually useless if the sun is coming in from the side.
silly disadvantage--I don't have any place for my purse--liked that there was that well between the seats of my Caravan. Still, I wouldn't give up my FJ Cruiser for that!!!

Bottom line? I've driven a lot of cars and trucks in my 40+ years of driving. The FJ Cruiser is the most fun of any I've ever been in.

It may or may not be right for you--but why not go for a test drive, and then give it some good thought. I was back and forth to the dealership 3 times, and I don't know how many visits to the website, before I bought mine (although, I must admit, from the first second I saw the FJ on the Toyota website, I was 'in love'.)

My mailman says my husband spoils me--maybe he's right. But I love my new car, and adore the man who gave it to me. It's kind of fun to be the 'coolest old lady' on the block. All the young guys have been drooling over it, and wanting to take it out off-roading (well, that's not going to happen--LOL!)

If you do decide on an FJ Cruiser, I wish you as much happiness with it as I'm having with mine.

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I think they meant for this FJ to appeal to yuppy men (the Jeep crowd) but seems like it appeals much more to women as do most compact SUV's. I think this explains why there are such harsh feelings against it as it is deemed an overpriced (aimed at jeep crowd) sissy car due to the two available colors. Further evidence the Toyo designers need to seek treatment for their crack addiction. This is not Austrailia! I am strongly in favor of buying Toyo because of their quality but I think this FJ is sure to be a short lived line. Missed the mark completely. As usual.

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Quirky--it comes in 5 colors, but perhaps you've only seen the 2 more 'visual' ones. There's blue, yellow, black, gray and black cherry--they all have white roofs. I've seen everyone of them on the streets in my area, so they're appealing to someone.

You are right, though--I find that this sort of supposedly sporty vehicle that's designed for the 20-something guys, are actually being driven by 50-something women. I get a lot of women my age coming up to me and asking me about my car because they like the look.

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Thanks for the correction. I didn't know that. Last I read in some magazine it was offered in the blue and yellow but it was probably when it was first introduced. I looked at them when I was waiting for an oil change at the toyoship and they only had the blue and yellow in stock. I see quite a few of them on the road so I'm not implying there's anything wrong with them... I just have a bone to pick with toyota's marketing and design team. Personally I like yellow. Shh don't tell anyone but if they had a yellow tundra in stock I would have bought it.

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I generally use only about $10-15 of gas in a month, anyway

That's 3-5 gallons at today's prices. In an FJ Cruiser, that's somewhere between 45-85 miles a month. Seriously???

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Yes, seriously.

I'm a housewife. I go to my mom's a couple of times a week--that's a 5 mile round trip. Maybe a couple of trips to the store, maybe a night out to a restaurant--none of which are more than 2-3 miles away. I don't put that many miles on my car--except in July, when I work 4 days a week (2 miles from my house).

Fact is, I filled my tank 3 weeks ago and I still have over a half tank of gas in there.

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wow and i didnt think i drove much! 3 yr old car with 15k on it 6 yr old truck with 31k on it.

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I think we must be a new breed. I work from home mostly. Still have to do long road trips for business but I can keep a tank of gas a pretty long time too.

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The FJ was built as a show car/truck and sent out to a few car shows around the country. It was not intended to be built for production at the time, just a design study to see what people liked. There were so many positive comments and questions that they decided to build it. If you can find a Road and Track or Car and Driver magazine from three years ago you can see for yourself. About the only reason I would not buy one right now is because it is a first year model and that is when the problems with door trim and other simple things happen.

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Update.... after much angst and test driving I decided to forego the FJ Cruiser. DH convinced me that since it was a first year model, better NOT buy it until all glitches are worked out.
Anyway, I am happy with what I ended up with... I bought in November a 2006 Toyota Highlander 4x4 AWD in bluestone metallic.
Thanks for all the feedback. I love this forum it always so helpful.

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Soo much hate !!! All these people writing negative stuff about the FJ have no clue. I bought my TRD edition(all black) in Jersey and drove it up to Montana. About 2500 miles in the middle of two snow storms, icey rain etc... The visibility is just as good as any other vehicle I owned. I am not a Toyota fan, I drive an M3 as well, but the 4 wheel capacity and it's unique looks got my attention. I paid $28k for a TRD edition OUT THE DOOR(montana has no sales tax)! It takes time to find a great deal and when I came across it, I conquered. Sooo, please don't judge a car by listening to others, take it on a testdrive and if you can't see out the windshield... well simply don't buy it. This is all I have to say. HOW!!

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