Help with bathroom layout?

ZGAndersonFebruary 21, 2014

Hoping some kind folks here could help with a review of the bathrooms in my houseplan. I've been working on the plan for awhile now and I'm almost 100% satisfied with everything but I still have some nagging doubts about the bathrooms.

The master bath at the top of the image has a south facing window, which will be a high/short window. As currently drawn, the shower has two shower heads and a glass wall side with a center door 3' wide. I'm trying to keep this bathroom accessible as this we hope this will be a long term home for us. The center open area accommodates a 5' diameter clear space and the entry door is 3'. There's no linen cabinet, but the bathroom is directly across from the master closet within the master bedroom. Towels and such should go under the large vanity just fine. I'm actually pretty happy with this room, but would appreciate comments.

I'm not quite so satisfied with the second bathroom. It doesn't seem bad really, but seems like it could be better. The space between the linen closet and the tub is about 2' 9" wide.

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As currently drawn, the shower has two shower heads and a glass wall side with a center door 3' wide. I'm trying to keep this bathroom accessible as this we hope this will be a long term home for us.

Where will the shower controls be located? I don't think you will be able to turn them on without entering the shower first. I don't think I would like that in an accessible shower.

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Thanks, I noticed that the glass for that area was going to need to be custom as well after I posted. Changed it to a 5' standard bypass door which will give access to the one shower control. If we have accessability issues with the smaller door, it's a relatively inexpensive update to just switch out to custom at that time.

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Hi ZGAnderson!

I haven't been on the forums in a while as my design software has been down, but I noticed your post while browsing through. I had worked on a similar 2nd bathroom space for another GWer a while back and yours reminded me of it. Your space is deeper than theirs was but other than that it all looks about the same. I've attached a copy of that layout I did for them for reference.

To walk you through with words using your layout, I would leave the toilet where it is & flip the tub to the opposite wall between the toilet and the door and frame the tub in on either end with a wall. I would then move the sink down to be centered on the wall and move the entry door to that side of the room (not centered as it is in the layout below--your plan is deeper than that one). That would leave you a couple different options for linen space-- utilize the space between the tub and the doorway wall for a sheetrocked linen closet or do a cabinetry linen tower next to the sink/in front of the toilet.

It makes better use of the space by placing the larger items on the same side of the room and maintains some semblance of privacy for the toilet space. If you went with the sheetrocked closet on the tub side, you could steal some space from this bath for a linen closet in the master bath! My parents actually used a similar layout in their upstairs guest bathroom and it works out great.

Hope this helps!

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