Different Hardi Plank siding sizes..

lorriewFebruary 21, 2010

We are planning to put HardiPlank on our new house. We are not sure about the width we want to use. Could anyone that has it please post the different sizes 5,6 & 7 so I have a better idea. I searched because I figured this has come up before but didn't find anything. Thanks!

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If you mean the reveal, ours is 7 1/4.
The original width was 8 and we have a 3/4 overlap per board.

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Our Hardieplank reveal is 6 1/2in. I've posted a couple pics in the "February's How's your build progressing". Ours came primed yellow and we will be painting it with a "lifetime" paint (for what that's worth...lol!!)We used MiraTEC for trim.

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The size of HardiPlank lap siding is given in "widths" of the individual pieces and the "exposure" (the visible part) is 1 1/4" smaller.

In the northeast, a maximum width 8 1/4" HardiPlank has an exposure of 7" and there are three smaller sizes each an inch less in width and exposure. The choice would be between 4", 5", 6", and 7" exposures. In the rest of the country there are two larger exposures: 8" and 10 1/4"

In New England traditional wood clapboard siding has a 4" exposure and the larger exposures are more commonly used in less traditional houses or in milder climates to the south and west.

Not knowing where you live or the style of your house makes it difficult to advise you.

A "reveal" is a much smaller setback usually at trim board corners.

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Yes, I am sorry I wasn't very clear, I was working on getting a nasty migraine :(. I was looking for the exposure size. I was looking for some different pictures of how the they actually look on a house. Most of the older threads I found the photobuckets were inactive. We are building a Craftsman style home Castle Rock by Frank Betz. My husband, my builder, was thinking about going with the 7" exposure but the house is a bit cut up so I was thinking about going with 5 or 6 with the actual reveal. I prefer a bit of a thinner look. I am in the Northeast in Md btw. Thanks all!!

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Here's my 7" exposure.....

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Builders tend to like the larger sizes since it lets them put up the necessary coverage with less labor.

The smaller sizes, however, are more historically accurate, plus their smaller visual scale often results in a better aethestic.

In my opinion, I'd never go larger than 6" and feel smaller is usually better.

Good luck on your project.

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