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prbetsi75February 19, 2014

Sorry if this is a stupid question�.but it's my first time with a bathroom remodel.

Is it the contractor's responsibility to leave the bathroom clean? I mean, there's dust everywhere from cutting all the tile! Is it my responsibility to clean up all that dust? Or do they leave you the bathroom clean?

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I wouldn't expect the bathroom to be cleaned until after all the work is finished. At that time, yes, I'd expect the contractor to leave the bathroom clean and shining. As far as the rest of the house, it's the homeowner's responsibility (usually) to clean away the dust.

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Yes, I was assuming it would be cleaned after all the work was doneâ¦.and I certainly wouldn't expect them to clean the dust in the rest of the house! ha! That would certainly be nice! I've been doing that on a regular basis. But good to know they are supposed to leave the bathroom clean and shining!

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We have cleaned up after all the subs - the drywall guys tried, but their version of "clean" does not match our definition of clean. Most of them have swept up at the end of every day. We have swept, vacuumed with shop vac, and mopped the slab several times as the flooring is not in yet, and even though it looks ok, there is always a pile of dust when we sweep again. The tile is going in now, and while I expect they will sweep up and clean it when all is done, I fully expect that we will go in on hands and knees and clean some more.

I have also shop-vaccumed all of the outlet boxes (full of drywall dust) before the switches and outlets go in, under the tub, and all of the sawdust inside the wall framing before the drywall went in. We didn't want all that dust lurking and finding a way to sift its way out and into our lungs in the years to come.

Especially if you have allergies it is better to clean it yourself than to trust it will be done to your standards.

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Even if they "clean", there's going to be dust settling for a month after construction.

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They will leave it "broom clean" (and the END of the job) which is NOT the same thing as "shining". You will want to either plan a good deep clean after, or hire a cleaning company that specializes in post construction work.

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Agree with LWO, I expected it to be "broom clean" and had to ask the GC to send his drywall crew back to do that. I didn't expect it to be "shining" or even " pretty good". I did expect the crew to make an effort to control the dust with plastic and vacuums.

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DH has worked for some very high end remodeling companies. At the end of the day they do leave "broom clean" and also clean up any mess they leave (usually boot prints) from anywhere else in the house. At the end of the job they generally have a professional house cleaner do the deep cleaning. But, they charge an outrageous amount of money to folks with deep pockets so I would not expect the same in my house and on my income.

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For general construction & remodeling, it's "broom clean" as others have stated. To get it to 'normal' standards of clean, let alone feminine standards of clean and shiny, requires a deep cleaning.

There are some specialty type jobs where the better contractors will leave the house close to 99% as it was. For example, I had some cracks and water damage in my plaster ceilings of various rooms repaired. Plaster dust is a disaster. The plasterer who did the work for me isolated each section of ceiling by creating a little room of plastic drop cloths hung from the ceiling and on the floor - almost seemed like asbestos removal. Anyway, when he was done and gone, there was literally no plaster dust anywhere.

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" But, they charge an outrageous amount of money to folks with deep pockets so I would not expect the same in my house and on my income."

This is the answer. You get what you pay for.

I can leave your place looking like I've never been there and I've had to do so on some late-night restaurant remodels, but most of my customers don't want to pay my rate for cleaning or prevention.

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