HF Orbital Waxer

andrelaplume2May 2, 2010

Well, I bought the 10"model...w/coupon it was $15. Hey its not the best made thing in the world but to put wax on and take it off I figured I'd give it a shot.

I am no detailer or anything. I just like to wax my ol'e 02 Camry (and my wife's RAV) twice a year to keept it protected.

After reading up, I made a determination that this sucker was worth a shot and I likley could not harm my car.

First, for my white Camry, I usually start with some Meguiar's cleaner wax, then remove it, then use S100 wax. So long as I use the S100, the paint cleans up easy. If I just use the cleaner wax as my final coat, the dirt seems to get imprenated in there and the following year (or 6 months) I really have to scrub to get it clean. Under these circumstances I can see this HF model not working.

I used the HF waxer with HF teri appliactors to apply and remove the Meguiars. I used the cleaner wax on the hood and one side of the car. What used to take a lot of time was done im minutes! I applied it with one terri bonnet and removed it with another. This was the only hassle...for $15 I should have bought two!

I quickly learned that it went on and off with ease but could not get in certain areas so I had to do those by hand. I still need to finish the car and then wax

(S100) it.

Now some questions.

1) What is the difference between the cheapie (2 for $4) terri bonnets at HF and those sold for $5+ each elsewhere? I have not washed them yet...do they fall apart in the wash or something. Do they not hold as much was or something?

2) Do folks find it easier using the 10" buffer or a 6" inch in so far as getting in those tight areas.

3) Everything I read about these cheapie units slowing down under load is TRUE! For my purposes I generally do not need to push real hard but sometimes I do. Is this what causes the HF buffer to die prematurely?

4) My s100 wax in a small dish. Any tips on how I can get it onto a buffer to apply it?

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where is everbody!

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