Help Needed with Foyer & Main Hall Lighting

xc60February 15, 2014

Hi everyone, still trying to decide lighting choices in the new build. Things are going very slow with it, making me frustrated by so many delays but we finally have a possession date. It's not till the end of April, seems so far away still and I'm embarrassed to tell you when the building started. We were supposed to be in by Jan/Feb at the latest. The builder just gave us a date of April 9th but it did not work with hubby's out of town schedule so my hubby moved it another two weeks further. He was not on my good list the last few days.

Oh well, trying to keep my mind on other things and wondering if you all would help me with my foyer and main hall lighting choices. I would like to keep the same lighting choice in both areas. Foyer is 16'x8' with 9' ceilings and will have two lights hanging in the space. Hall is connected to foyer with three lights needed there. Do you think choice #1, #2 or #3 works better or if you have any other suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much! Sorry for the small photos, I don't know how to resize on my iPad.

Here are the lights for rest of home:

Choice #1.

Choice #2.

Option #3.

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I like #1 with your other choices. #2 goes a little vintage and your other choices don't give off that look.

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Thank you so much, that's the one I had originally picked after two other lighting choices were discontinued. I also just added another option #3.

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I still like #1 tthe best.

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I think #1 is most similar to your other choices. You might ask over on the decorating forum. They love these kinds of questions.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I like 1, but it looks small. Scale is essential to getting lighting to look right. I suggest measuring the fixture and then stuffing plastic grocery bags with newspaper and wrapping in tape to give you approximately the fixture size and holding it up to see if it looks good or not. Other people do something similar with a blown up balloon.

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I also like #1 because it mixes well with the other choices.

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Thank you everyone, looks like #1. is the favorite. :)

Annie, it is 14" height by 10" wide. There were a couple other lights I liked but the lighting designer was concerned they were too tall with the 9' ceilings, she seemed more happy with this choice. Lol. I will take your advice and hang some bags to see the scale at the house tomorrow. That's a good idea. :)

I wasn't to sure if choice #1 was too funky looking, like something that would remind people of some of the crazy lights people hung in the 70's, lol. But even when I showed hubby he seemed to like it. Usually we picked lighting more modern and in chrome or brushed steel so this is a big change. My one son asked me why the new lighting is so gothic, lol.

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You have a lot of exposed candelabra bulbs. Is your family ok with that? I have no problem with them, but my DH doesn't like the "glare". He sometimes has light migraine issues. I have several fixtures with exposed candelabra bulbs around the house, but also have many recessed lights, so DH has a choice. That was his only request in our master bath remodel, that I replace the 3 sconces with exposed candelabra bulbs.

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Chispa, thank you for letting me know about the glare. We have had candelabra bulbs before in our master bath and powder room and we seemed to be fine with them. In our master bath we also will have the regular vanity lights with frosted glass which hubby uses and the chandelier on another switch. In the staircase area and foyer the candlebras will be new to us as well as over the dining table. Hopefully it won't be a problem, but I'm going to look into this before ordering. Thanks so very much! :)

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Put them all on dimmers. It cuts down the "glare" of the full wattage and allows for mood lighting ... dimmed for parties and full brightness for cleaning.

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I will make sure to do that, thank you for all your help.

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