Last minute floor tile decision ... Please help!

rufinoroxFebruary 15, 2012

Our bathroom renovation is beginning this weekend and I still haven't chosen a floor tile. I already purchased the shower tile, however I don't know if I should match the floor with a different size or pattern in the same color or do a different tile in a darker color or mosaic?

Please help me decide!


Here is a picture of the shower tile

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I'd go with a different tile. Do be careful with that Marazzi.

We don't really know anything about your bathroom, the dimensions, etc, the colors, the style. So it's tough to advise.

I do like to shift gears with size and pattern between walls and floor, especially when using square tiles.

Generically, if you're doing a simple stacked pattern of 6-by-6's in the shower, consider a larger tile (12's to 16's) on the floor in a diamond pattern.

If the 6's are going in the shower in a diamond pattern, then consider a linear stacked pattern on the floor.

Or you can match. Running bond on the walls, and a running bond on the floors.

If your floor is not dimensionally equal, then avoid a diamond pattern on the floor, it accentuates out-of-square walls.

Best, Mongo

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What concerns should I have with marazzi? I've already purchased all the tile for the shower, however I haven't for the floor. Our bath is 5x8 we are going with warm brown colors. All white tub and toilet, cherry wood cabinet with white porcelain top all nickel finishes. The pattern in the shower will be 8x10 stacked with a glass accent. I was considering 12x12 diamond pattern or the same size 8x 10 in brick pattern.

I'm not sure if I should stick with the same color for the floor or go darker. Budget is a factor so I don't want to spend more than $200 on floor.

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The link you provided for your shower tile leads to the 6" x 6" Marazzi tiles. Since you linked to that tile, I thought that was the tile you were using.

People have grumbled for years on these forums about the Marazzi 6" squares because they are cut down from 12" factory fired tiles. The dimensions from tile to tile are not equal, and the tile edges don't match, with some being cut edges and some factory edges.

The user frustration on this forum is echoed in the reviews on your Home Depot link. Same complaints.

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