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billy_gFebruary 17, 2012

Does anyone have a backpack vacuum?

If so, how do you like it?

Professional cleaners use them in office buildings, and the thought of having a 50 foot cord and no canister to drag around makes it look like you can cover a lot of space in a short amount of time, and stairs would be a breeze.

The floor is mostly wood and tile; some rugs but no wall-to-wall carpet.

Just wonderin'...


Here is a link that might be useful: Pro Backpack Vacuums

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I usually never recommend dragging a canister vacuum cleaner around a very large home, because there is just too much area to cover.

A backpack vacuum cleaner is not going to be the best for cleaning your average home. You are going to have this "hunchback", which could easily swing into a lamp or knock things off a shelf. Plus, part of the hose will be out of your site, while vacuuming. That too can knock into things. Are you accustomed to using one? These are things to consider.

If you have a large home, with wide open spaces, you should not have too bad of a time.

There are many to choose from, including large and small backpack vacuum cleaners. There are even some which will accept a power nozzle for carpeting.

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Thanks for your comments! I have thought about the hunchback aspect -- people say you get used to thinking about the vacuum on your back and adding it to your personal space so you don't back into things. I had not thought about the hose coming off the back but it would be something to get used to.

But with a canister you always have to think about where the canister is, and the hose and the cord.

So what do you like for covering more space in less time -- upright vacuums?

I'm thinking about the Pro-Team vacs because they are used in office buildings and businesses and they seem to have created the backpack category.

I've seen the power nozzles but I'm fine without one because we don't have many rugs.


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We have the Proteam Super Quartervac.

Suction like you can't believe!
Can cover a large area in a short time (we only have 1500 sq ft).
Picks up cat litter easily.

Never could adjust the straps correctly and vacuum slipped down my back.
Attachments are wide, making it difficult to get under furniture.
Didn't clean area rugs as well as the power head on the Simplicity canister.

We are keeping this to vacuum the basement but bought a (used) Simplicity Verve Canister for the main floor. Love it!

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Thanks for your feedback - I appreciate it!

I wondered about the weight. It says 10 pounds, which doesn't seem bad strapped to your back.

Did you buy any of the narrower attachments? I thought the narrow attachments would be good under furniture, and some reviewers say there is a 20 inch wide attachment that lets you clean large areas quickly.

The Amazon reviews below are awesome, but I appreciate you mentioning the cons -- every product has a downside.


Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon Reviews

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We didn't buy any of the narrower attachments except for a smaller width floor brush so I could get around the furniture easier.

You do get used to maneuvering around lamps, doors, etc. so you don't bump them with the canister.

10 lbs. didn't seem bad to me either, but it is actually enough to make you sweat by the time you vacuumed the house!

I was beginning to dread vacuuming and decided it was time to switch to a canister. We have mostly wood, some tile, and area rugs in one room. All one level, so a canister is easy.

I DO miss the 50 foot cord. The Simplicity has only 25 ft. so I have to unplug once during vacuuming.

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