Could recommend a nice wagon?

sharon620May 24, 2006

Hey Everyone!

I am looking for a nice wagon with all wheel drive or 4 wheel drive.

While I am still driving my Cherokee (which I love) my husband is trading his explorer and going to drive my Cherokee. But it will be there if I want. ha ha



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Do you want a nice wagon or an evil SUV?
Subaru makes a nice "wagon" as does Ford with the Freestyle. Also the Chrysler Pacifica is a good wagon.
But if you want another evil SUV I test drove the new Jeep Commander. Nice truck! I tested the base model with the 4.7 V8. A nice package for about 31 Grand sticker.

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Have you checked out the Volvo Cross Country? Hubby and I each drive one and love them. Gas mileage is great compared to SUV's.

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audi sport wagon.

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I looked at the Pacifica today. Nice interior. I am going to drive it tomorrow.
Am I crazy? I am just sick of SUV's. While they are very nice I am just wanting a car right now. But I want a wagon. I love them,
What do you think about the car I mentioned above?

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Check out the Nissan Murano too. I think the Murano is easier to see out of when backing up than the Pacifica. The Pacifica is nice, but we liked the Murano better.

It was a toss up for a Murano or a second Volvo Cross Country, but the Volvo was in a color we liked and we loved the one we already had. My SIL just got a Volvo V40 and loves it. It's smaller than our XCs but a very nice wagon.

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I second the Audi A3 waggon with DSG (direct shift gear)transmission.Drive it as a regular auto or put it in sport mode and use the paddle shifters on the steering wheel to have some fun clicking through the six speed transmission . Better gas mileage than the other choices listed too !

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The newly revamped VW Passat wagons are quite nice, especially with the V6 and AWD. Or the various Audis, especially the A6. What price range are you considering? The Toyota Matrix is a decent lower-priced wagon.

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Well I bit the bullet and bought a black XC 70 Volvo wagon.
My hubby is NOT happy at all. He would rather have stayed with another SUV.
I cannot win!

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I think you'll be happy with your XC and he will too once he sees your gas mileage compared to his. Hubby went with his XC because he trailers a boat and didn't want low gas mileage for the other 8 months out of the year. At the time he got his wagon I was driving a Volvo 850. We now have 2 XCs and love them.

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I'm so glad I tripped over this subject. We ordered a Volvo Cross Country yesterday & will pick it up Tuesday. We're replacing our third Suburban. We will still have a full size pick up if we need to haul anything large. I sure hope we've made the right decision. I was so surprised when my hub said he didn't want another SUV. I had suggested we test drive a Honda Pilot and he said no, he wanted a car this time. The feature that made me say yes was the little "well" for grocery bags in the back. One of my pet peeves is my groceries sliding all over the vehicle as I drive home. Especially since all the stores provide plastic bags, rather than paper. I think we are so spoiled in the US - there are so many choices!

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