My New Expencive Project

murrayfan2003May 22, 2006

Well i just went to get my $3000 Lamborghini Countach today. It needs a lot of work the body is not in good shape but the engine is all rusted out and will not run. I think that it will not run beacuse it has a lot of chopped up wires and no battery. All of the tires are flat and the left door is stuck closed due to a 5 cent pin. I think that this project will last for at least 3 years. that will be perfect i will be 19 when this projet is done. Oh if you are wondering i found it in what i like to call the "3 Mile Junkyard". i will bet you that has been sitting in the junkyard for about 20 years.

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If the engine has been sitting for several years, it may be seized and there's no lube on the cam lobes. Check the dip stick - any oil in the crankcase, and what's its condition? If its got oil, try turning it over by hand before using the starter. You'll probably have to apply a wrench to the nut on the front of the crankshaft as well as helping with the belts. Can't get it to budge, then you know the drill: disassemble the engine, throughly clean, and repair/rebuild where necessary. The pistons are likely stuck in the bores.

If you can turn the crank, it should be rotated quite a bit, enough to get oil into the upper parts of the engine before attempting to start it.

Don't be surprised if the crankshaft seals are shot.

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3K for an old hunk of junk that you most likely won't be able to get parts for and if you do it will cost many times more than that 3K ? Good luck with that,that junkyard owner must be laughing all the way to the bank!

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Well i drained out the oil to day for 12 hours thats how thick it was and i filled the engine with oil again and i think it still needs more. While i was waiting for the oil to drain i got the door to open and it wasnt a pin at all. All it was was a small clip in the opening mechinism that i was able to fix. so now the door is fixed. Iam waiting to get a battery. There is minimum rust in the engine bay all fo the wiring looks good so i will try to start it when i get the battery.

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is this a real Countach or a replica? what motor is in it?
I would suspect a project to restore a real original drivetrain would be a cost and availability nightmare. $3k sounds cheap enough to start, but what do you anticipate spending over the next three years to get it into driveable condition?

Not trying to discourage you, i'm just curious.

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Yeah it's not like you can go down to the local Lamborghini dealer to order parts,because there IS NO local Lamborghini dealer-IT'S A LAMBORGHINI! Hopefully it's a kit car replica,because if it ain't he bought a mighty expensive lawn ornament!There's a reason a car like that sat in a junkyard for 20 years,those cars were unreliable and temperamental when new and got around 10 miles to the gallon.If he ever does perform a miracle and restores it,he won't be able to afford the gas to drive it.

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Any pictures? Any progress whats going on with this 'project car'?

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Give the kid a chance. Everyone starts somewhere. At least he's out doing something instead of sitting in front of his TV and playing video games all day. I envy him for trying something new. Good luck with the project kid. Take it as far as you can and don't let anyone try and discourage you.

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I bet Jesse James's dad never did that to him. I'm sure James made some horrible mistakes and threw some hard earned money out the window, but boy look where it got him! I bet thats one proud Papa I bet!

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funny . But I bet his marriage to Sandra Bullock doesn't last !

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Since his dad was a drunk who used to beat him and James was arrested for stealing cars , I'm sure Papa was real proud of his son ! If he was sober enough to realize who and where he was that is !

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Well, Murrayfan, by now you should know whether or not this Lamborghini is the real thing or not..And I doubt that it is...
This seems to be much like assigning a first day doctor brain surgery.

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Who cares if it's real or not. Have fun with it. Learn alot so you can put it to use when something better comes along.

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I think he is the kid that bought an old Murry that was painted green and yellow and at first he thought he had a John Deere?

Maybe this car is a Pontiac Feoiro or what ever thay called those cars of a few years back?They looked like a Lamborgini?

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I think the REAL point is whats done is done. The car is already sitting at this kids house and the 3K..gone. Why keep crying about it like you guys seem to want to do. I guess I'm just the type of guy that figures..."Damn, what a stupid mistake that was....oh well, can't go back now, learn from it and move on". I guess I'm just more laid back then most of you. Man, I remember the first car I owned. What a POS! It had 4 diffrent color doors! I could'nt believe I actually bought that car with my hard earned $$!!! But now I think about it and laugh. I'm sure he'll do the same..That's what growing-up is about. We've all made some stupid mistakes...

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A few years back, this guy I work with spent $5000 on a rusted out POS Corvette. I don't know much about Corvettes myself but he said there was something special about this one. Something about it being Limited? I don't know. I gave it one look and almost died laughing right there. Nothing but a rusted shell! But...he had this look in his eyes like he knew what he wanted and what he was going to do with it. And I'll tell you what, it's not done yet but when I see what it looks like now compared to what it was, it's amazing. He says since he does'nt really have any kind of $$ to leave his kid, this will be it. They work on it together. It's definitly been worth it to them. He says he probably spent to much but he's been able to pass on some of his car brains to his kid. I guess thats worth the money. Oh and by the way...I'm not all that rich, like I think one of your last post insinuated. Just not afraid of making a mistake I guess.

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What was rusted on that Corvette ?

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Sorry, I get so used to saying "rusted" dealing with my own car! The shell was all cracked and dinged. It seemed very brittle in some areas. Who ever owned it before really beat the you-know-what out of it. And if there was anything metal showing, it was rusted!! I'll have to get the year from him. I wish I could remember what made this one special. He's a Vette fanatic.

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i have restored cars for over 25 yrs and i know the initial purchase price is usually nothing compared to the final investment. good for murrayfan if he wants to fix up something. its just that a lot of comments were asking if the car was a real lambo or some type of replica. since he has not posted since may 23 i just wonder why he won't respond.

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But think of all the gas money he will save?It does not run so no need for gas.Think of all the insurance money he will save.Insurance for a teen age driver is very expensive.It does not run so no need to insure.So it will not take long for this car to pay for its self.What a bargain he found.

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Look on the bright side, it's a lot cheaper than the loader he wanted to register and drive.

I wish he'd post an update, I'm curious if he's started working on it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Registering a wheel loader...

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